Sparta Thanksgiving Recipes!

…and here come the Holidays!

Since we have a number of foodies here at Sparta, and in the interest of keeping recipes off the open threads, I thought I would see if there is any interest in the sharing of favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Last weekend we quite a few really scrumptious recipes submitted by Spartans and Spartanettes.  Still conspicuously missing are many of the side dishes and of course the traditional stuffing recipes!

It seemed that weekends would be the appropriate time to post such a thread, since many Spartans may be home and in and around the kitchen.

Please share your holiday recipes, including both old-time family favorites and any unusual but tasty dishes you may enjoy.

I’ll drop in a couple of my family recipes, and I encourage fellow Spartans to join in!

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be about food, since Thanksgiving is really about so much more than an opportunity to indulge our appetites.

It’s so easy to become jaded in the troubled and cynical times in which we live that a chance to reflect on the things we are thankful for seems very welcome.

Feel free to post any stories of Thanksgivings past, family traditions, and of course, the things for which you are most thankful this Thanksgiving of 2017.


Written by Bizchuck


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