Exclusive: Roy Moore Campaign and Finance Team members confirm to Sparta Report that Moore is adamant in his denials of WaPo smears

In a series of exclusive interviews, Sparta Report has been told by several sources, including members of the campaign and prominent businesspeople in Alabama, that the Washington Post article smearing Judge Roy Moore is nothing but a fabricated smear attempt.

In the wake of the now highly questionable accusation of decades old and vague sexual improprieties by Judge Moore, Sparta Report has spoken by telephone to three members of the statewide finance team for the Roy Moore campaign for the Alabama Senate.

All three are prominent Alabama businesspersons; two of the individuals are close enough to Moore that they speak with the candidate on a daily basis, and they assure us that they have known Moore and his wife for many years.

All spoke with Sparta Report on the condition of anonymity to avoid harassment by the Democrat controlled mainstream media.

First, a longtime business owner in the sporting goods supply and services industry, located in Birmingham, Alabama, tells Sparta Report that he has known Roy Moore since childhood, their respective families having cultivated close friendships for two generations.  This gentleman was adamant in his conviction that the allegations being raised against Moore are in such opposition to his character as to be laughable were they not so inflammatory.

We also spoke with the president of one of the largest manufacturing companies in the state of Alabama, who tells Sparta Report he has known Moore since the time of his marriage to his wife Kayla in 1985 (formerly Kayla Kisor), and is a very close personal friend of Moore, often speaking with him more than once per day.

This prominent Alabama businessman expressed genuine outrage at what he called “nothing more than absurd forty year old rumors”.

He also pointed out that Judge Moore and his wife of 32 years were 38 and 24 years old, respectively, at the time of their marriage, and that the media is studiously avoiding mentioning the successful Moore marriage to avoid this fact.  The Moores have four children and everyone we spoke with described their personal relationship and family as exemplary.

He went on to assure Sparta Report that his position in Alabama and national business circles was far too valuable to risk in any association with persons of anything other than impeccable ethical or moral standing.

“I have over 1,000 employees, investors, and a national business reputation, and I remain prouder than ever to recommend Roy Moore to the people of Alabama as a man of the highest personal integrity,” he stated.

A third Moore finance team member, the leading coordinator of outside fundraising for Moore, spoke to Sparta report from the road in North Carolina, where he was travelling to meet with Republican donors who support the Moore campaign.  He echoed the sentiments of others in his continued confidence in Moore, adding that “in the hours after these allegations surface, I am seeing, if anything, an increase in support for Moore among the people I talk to, in both a personal and financial sense.  We have people coming out of the woodwork to donate now.  My phone is blowing up”.

Finally, Sparta Report spoke with Roy Moore’s campaign manager, Rich Hobson.  Excited to receive additional information on one of the Moore accusers that was developed and reported by Sparta Report, this senior campaign leader added additional push-back to the suspiciously timed smears against Moore.

He began by saying that these allegations are nothing more than longtime “rumors” that have been circulated around Gadsden, Alabama for many years, and which have been largely discounted, pointing to the dubious claims raised concerning the primary accuser that has been reported by numerous national media outlets.

He went on to point out that the “allegations” appear to have been carefully formulated so as not to allege anything criminal in nature, according to the Moore legal team.

Finally, he echoed the feedback provided by the Moore fundraiser we spoke to.  He related that the campaign is sensing a “righteous anger” among Alabamians, suggesting that the smears he believes to be purely politically motivated may actually benefit the Moore candidacy.

“People here do not like media folks to tell them what to think”, he said.  “Folks in Alabama are proud and independent.”   In conclusion, he went on to say that Moore is in the race to stay, and that Alabamians supporting Moore are “more than determined than ever to send Roy Moore to the United States Senate to ‘drain the swamp.'”

We at Sparta report alerted the campaign official that Sparta Report is supportive of Judge Moore, and would welcome any future opportunity to serve as an outlet for any insights the campaign might have moving forward.


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