Sparta Report

Soldier of Orange

Just to be clear: I could care less about the Republican Party.

I also could care less about the Democrat Party.

I do care about having a secure border, having a wall, doing a better job vetting immigrants and refugees from parts of the world where militant Islam is rampant and repealing & replacing Obamacare.

That’s why I picked Trump as My Guy in 2016.

Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” wise-crack hardened my resolve as a Soldier of Orange.

I have given up on the Donks.  They are dead to me.

So trust me when I say I don’t care if the entire GOPe collapses and dies.

No GOPe candidate will ever get my vote or my money as long as they oppose Trump, be that active or passive opposition.

I’m a Deplorable.

I’m with The Real Resistance.

I’m a Soldier of Orange.

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