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Roy Moore press conference calls out GOP establishment

[h/t Ilcon] – It’s in the first two minutes, but listen to the rest of it as they deconstruct the falsehoods put forth by Moore’s accusers.  The embarrassing part is that they managed to put together this research in just a few days, while the media apparently did ZERO research in putting together this story in the first place. It’s so obviously a smear job, but a poorly constructed one at that.  It gets really fun at the 14 minute mark when Dean Young starts going after the media.

Folks, keep your eye on the ball here. The sole reason the Allred accusation came out in support was so that the media could report “multiple women have accused Moore of sexual impropriety.”  Never mind the facts, it’s the narrative that matters.  You’ll also note that some media reports are adding “President Trump, who has also been accused by multiple women…”

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