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Remembering Election Day 2016: The Greatest Eff You in the History of American Politics

One year ago tonight The Basket of Deplorables proved to be much larger and more powerful than the MSM/Hollywood/Academia/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Romney/Ryan/McConnell cabal of Swamp Creatures ever imagined in their wildest nightmare.

It was the night The Blue Wall crumbled and state after state that was thought to be in Hillary Clinton’s back pocket turned Glorious Orange.

The reverberations are still being felt: the Political Elites are in the midst of yet another attempt to overturn the Will of the People and the Electoral College landslide that to this day continues to be pathetically rejected by the Donald Trump Presidency Deniers.

But on this First Anniversary of the Election Heard Around the World if you are like me and are Not Yet Tired of Winning or of Gloating take few moments (or more) to reflect upon  and savor A Victory for The Ages.

Brothers and Sisters remember that 365 nights ago We Kicked Ass.

Oh yeah!

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