NYT: This Ten Year Old’s Makeup is Better Than Yours

NYTs says that his makeup is prettier than yours

Beyond the front page at the New York Times, behind their endless drumbeat of anti-Trump bilge, the newspaper shows its true cultural superiority over the average American: it endorses sexualizing the children of America.

In a very NAMBLA friendly piece, the writers at the New York Times glowingly interview several men and boys who specialize in makeup and handing out makeup tips to other men. In a particularly disgusting focus, they interview several preteen and teenage boys who stop just short of becoming full-on drag queens in their makeup routines, acting as if this type of behavior is both wanted and normal.

This is the future the New York Times wants for everyone:

Would you be inclined to buy makeup because a 10-year-old boy is showing you how to create a look on Instagram? If we’re talking about Jack Bennett of @makeuupbyjack, then the answer could well be a resounding yes.

Since convincing his mother to start his account in May, young Mr. Bennett, who lives in Berkshire, England, has amassed 331,000 followers and attracted the attention of brands like MAC and NYX, which have offered products to create looks. Refinery29 has celebrated him as the next big thing in makeup.

He is the latest evidence of a seismic power shift in the beauty industry, which has thrust social media influencers to the top of the pecking order. Refreshingly, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages and, more recently, genders. Hailed by Marie Claire as the “beauty boys of Instagram,” the early male pioneers, like Patrick Simondac (@PatrickStarrr), Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) and Manny Gutierrez, (@MannyMua733), have transcended niche to become juggernauts with millions of followers. And their aesthetic is decidedly new: neither old-school-rocker makeup nor drag queen.

“When I first started on Instagram six years ago, the only stuff that existed was guy-liner,” Mr. Starrr said. “It was Fall Out Boy, and it was not glamorous. There wasn’t anything close to applying false lashes. I wanted to feel pretty and beautiful without being a drag queen.”

Not that it was easy. Mr. Starrr, now 27, lived in Orlando, Fla., at the time and worked at a MAC store in his local mall. He recalled getting stares from families at the food court. “I was wearing a scarf on my head and wearing makeup,” he said. “I’m a Filipino plus-size brown man. I felt like a clown. But I was comfortable at my work. That was a very, very safe place for me.”

So was the social media world, where he connected with other young men who loved makeup. As his profile and career grew (he has 3.6 million followers), Mr. Starrr also realized the power he had to influence a larger movement.

“When you post an Instagram or YouTube video, it’s similar to ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ where you can see the humanity of the contestants and see their struggles,” he said. “It helps show viewers that we’re just people.” He paused and giggled: “And it’s beauty, it’s just fun. Patrick is a walking rainbow.”

Men like Mr. Starrr have since influenced a new generation of young men who are wearing makeup and posting about it. According to the Instagram data team, there has been a 20 percent increase since the start of the year in mentions of “makeup” by male accounts on the platform.

In only a couple of years, these young men have gained sway in the industry. Cosmetics brands like Milk Makeup have built their offerings on genderless beauty; the skin-care company Glow Recipe hosts sold-out boy beauty mask classes; and in the fragrance aisle, unisex scent houses continue to grow.

Since women cannot “cut it” when doing their own makeup, according to the New York Times, and it has become so bad that ten year old boys clearly outclass women who have been using makeup for years…

My exit question: How are the feminists going to take it when they hear that it requires men to make the fashion industry great again?

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