Lying Hack Gloria Allred Trots Out Another Anti-Moore Democrat With a Fabricated Story, NO Evidence Whatsoever, and Senate Republicans are doing what?

Gloria Allred Trump 2016
Gloria Allred consoles an actor on her marvelous performance saying Trump grabbed her by the pussy

Gloria Allred joined the Swamp crusade against Roy Moore yesterday with a “new” woman who was trotted out with puppy dog eyes to announce to the world that Roy Moore grabbed her head and shoved it into his crotch.

What evidence did they bring to the table?


There is still no evidence that any of these women have brought forth that has confirmed any of their stories. Most of them have stated just that they dated him. Every single story has ended in the same way:

Roy Moore was told to stop and he did.

No rapes. No continued pursuits. Nothing.

So what is the story here? Gloria Allred wants to damage the reputation of Roy Moore so that the Democrats can have another victory, a major one, in a southern state. Nothing more, nothing less.

And who wants this too? Mitch McConnell and the establishment Republicans. Every last Senator in Washington DC is expendable at this point. None of them deserve reelection. There is not a fiber of steel in any of their spines, I’m not sure there ever was one.

The elected Republican officials would rather lose a Republican seat to the Democrats than see a Republican man in the vein of Trump be seated.

They have drawn their line in the sand. Every single piece of crap, do nothing and completely effing useless Senator save four Republicans have called on Moore to drop out. I have not seen a chorus like this since the Pussygate witch hunt against Trump.

Literally nearly every single Republican Senator has decided that they will finally get something done this year and that is try and impeach a man’s character based on a bunch of baseless, evidence-free allegations made by Democrats… because they aren’t going to get off their fat asses to do a damn thing about the Trump agenda.

Not only do these Senators need to be kicked to the curb and thrown out of office into the streets, they need to have their lives ruined. They are participating in the Democrat’s public lynching of Roy Moore’s character, they have announced they are no longer believers in the American founding principles that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Ted Cruz, born of Canada and who’s father helped kill John F Kennedy (because I believe all accusation now!) and was likely an illegal alien, has decided that Roy Moore is guilty until he proves that these allegations are false:

Ted Cruz of Texas, who had endorsed Mr. Moore before the allegations, told reporters on Monday that Mr. Moore was “entitled to put forth facts demonstrating that the charges are not true,



Full stop Canada Ted. You’re demanding that Roy Moore prove that these women’s stories are false.

That is NOT his burden to bear, that is the women’s problem.

Until then, these women are all committing libel against Roy Moore, including the Washington Post, Gloria Allred, and every single Senator joining in the besmirching of his reputation.

Thirteen Senators have called for his ousting:

Senator John McCain of Arizona (who was accused of rape and is a traitor to the United States, also known as the Songbird)

Mike Lee of Utah also demanded that he step aside. Mike Lee has stood against the will of the voters before. During the Republican Convention in 2016, he tried to install someone else as the Republican nominee instead of voter backed Donald Trump.

Remember this little Nevertrump temper tantrum Mike Lee had at the Republican convention?

Rules Record RollCall Vote

Nevertrump Rules Freakout

Also demanding his withdrawal: Steve Daines (loser) of Montana, Bill Cassidy (Sad) of Louisiana, Bob Corker (Iran Deal/Giant Baby) of Tennessee, Charles E. Grassley of Iowa (who is also ready and willing to sell out the American people on DACA), Todd Young of Indiana, Susan Collins (Democrat Senator) of Maine, Thom Tillis (Chamber of Commerce Republican) of North Carolina.

Mr. McConnell, Jeff Flake of Arizona, and Cory Gardner of Colorado have all called for not only his ouster, but have gone farther to suggest, in Cory Gardner’s case, that he be denied a seat in the Senate by the Senators. Jeff Flake would vote for the Democrats to no one’s surprise. And the queen establishment-Democrat bitch himself, Mitch McConnell… who’s only record is getting a Supreme Court Justice through as payment for Trump appointing his wife to the administration, is thinking about a write in campaign for Senate in Alabama.

Think about this for a second, the sitting top Republican in the Senate is not only demanding the duly elected representative Alabama Republicans step down, he’s threatening to start a write in campaign to torpedo his chances next month and elect a Democrat.

He believes the women and throws out the entire concept of justice in this country over his utterly corrupt and craven attempt at holding power:


This is not the behavior of a majority leader, this is the behavior of a DC Swamp, Uniparty cretin. This is a massive temper tantrum by an adult baby who is pissed that Roy Moore is refusing to back down and that the voters don’t buy into his manufactured crisis.

Mitch McConnell needs to declare his statements as campaign contributions to the Democrats. If I was Doug Jones, I would be thanking my five women for taking one for the team by libeling Roy Moore’s reputation considering Senate Republicans seem intent on  telling the voters that they will be overruling the election results in the even that they don’t vote for me.

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina issued by far the most inflammatory statement yet, he told every single person who is defending Judge Moore that they need to leave his Republican party:

“Any person who believes these allegations are not that bad,” Mr. Graham told ABC’s affiliate in Columbia, S.C., on Friday, “I don’t want them to be a part of the Republican Party.”

Let’s put this in perspective here, Lindsey Graham not only supports a likely pedophile, Senator Menendez, but he also acted as his character witness in his corruption trial.

The Department of Justice stated that Senator Menendez was likely dealing with child trafficking and had sexual relations with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

Lindsey Graham is just fine with this piece of human garbage as Senator, but is excommunicating every single Republican from the Republican party if he or she doubts 40 year old allegations that have yet to be backed up by a single shred of actual evidence. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Lindsey Graham and the rest of the Republican Senate excluding Roger Wicker, Rand Paul, Tom Cotton, and Thad Cochran (who is so ill that he should be expelled from the Senate), can go to Hell and be used as Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler’s playthings for encouraging public witch hunts against Republicans by Democrat propagandists.

The same cadre of jokers and sad little fifth column haters tried the same tactic against Donald Trump during the 2016 election and failed. Donald Trump provided the blueprint and Roy Moore needs to continue following it. The voters continue to thankfully see through this evidence free attack on Roy Moore’s character, 40 years later, a month before an election. Hopefully this continues to happen all the way up to and including, election day in Alabama.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.


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