Jeff Flake Endorses Doug Jones In Alabama

jeff flake

Many conservatives have felt that the sexual assault allegations against Judge Roy Moore in Alabama were nothing more than an Establishment hit job. Prominent GOPe Republicans (and I use that term loosely) were quick to jump on the “Roy Moore should resign” bandwagon. Mitch McConnell himself has said as much, and there’s apparently serious discussion whether or not the Senate will actually seat Judge Moore if he wins.

And then there’s Senator Jeff Flake all but endorsing Moore’s Democrat opponent, Dough Jones:

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said Monday that he would vote for Democrat Doug Jones over Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama special election for Senate and would support expelling Moore if he wins.

“I don’t think it will get to that,” Flake said regarding expulsion. “But if it does, yes.”

“If the choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat — the Democrat, no doubt,” Flake said about the choice in the race

Perhaps Senator Flake should worry less about what goes on in Alabama and more about his home state of Arizone.  Jeff Flake’s approval rating was sitting at a whopping 18% back in August. If the 2018 midterm was held back then only 31% of Republicans would have pulled the lever for Senator Flake. Not-So-Jazzy Jeff is sadly mistaken if he thinks attacking the Trumpist candidate in Alabama is going to save him.

Alabama was supposed to go to their boy Luther Strange. Roy Moore didn’t just upset the apple cart when he blew out Strange in the primary, he overturned it, set it on fire, and danced on the ashes. The Establishment would love nothing more than to see Roy Moore taken out. Jeff Flake proves that they don’t care if that costs them a Senate seat either.

Will more Establishment Republicans follow their hearts and endorse Doug Jones in Alabama? Only time will tell, honestly. We do know one thing for certain, however. The Establishment would love nothing more than to see Judge Moore taken out.

Even if that costs them a Senate seat.


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