Jeb Bush Returns From Hiding, Demands Moore Withdraw For Decency

Jeb Bush has no comment on his father allegedly groping half a dozen women. Of course, George HW Bush’s spokesperson says he’s been wheelchair bound for the last five years and his hands naturally fall in those areas when he poses for pictures.

Except the latest accusations are from 2003.

George HW Bush Voted for Hillary

“This is not a question of innocence or guilt like in a criminal proceeding, this is a question of what’s right and what’s wrong. Acknowledging that you’re dating teenagers when you’re 32-years old as assistant state attorney is wrong. It’s just plain wrong.”

“We need to stand for basic principles, and decency has to be one of those. In the really poisonous political environment we have right now, one of the rules I think has to apply is that when you attack somebody on the other party, and the other team, for doing something wrong, when it happens on your team you have an obligation, I think, to speak out as well.”

Jeb Bush wants America to know that the Bush family is all about Decency and letting Democrats beat the ever living crap out of you:


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