Is Roy Moore about to Destroy Doug Jones thanks to the New Media?

Ten years ago, had any Republican candidate been accused of sexual misconduct like Roy Moore is being accused right now, their political career would be destroyed. Even if later on the accusations were disproven, the victim would almost certainly remain retired from public life.

Many of you probably remember the ill-fated campaign of Todd Akin. Akin is a great example of what happens when the media successfully creates a stampede among the elites to disavow, deny, and destroy a given Republican candidate. The Republican Party, desperate to appease the media and the Democrats, fell all over each other attacking Akin and doing everything they could to help McCaskill defeat him.

We’re seeing this scenario play out now in the Alabama Senate race of 2017. Pedophilia is just about the worst thing you can be accused of in American politics. The allegations are almost certainly bogus for the reasons raised in this post, but the truthfulness doesn’t matter to our far left media.

The Republicans are cynically piling on Moore, seeing an opportunity to crush the latest uprising from their base, happy to sacrifice their electoral chances in 2018 as long as it means they can crush their conservative rivals. The GOP has been doing this since the Tea Party uprising of 2010, and it is no surprise to see them once more up to their old tricks.

There’s no denying things seem to look bad for Moore. So then, what explains this?

One of the polls, which were both provided by the pollster to Breitbart News exclusively on Saturday evening, was conducted on Thursday morning before the publication of the Post piece that afternoon. The second one was conducted on Saturday evening. Together, they show Judge Moore’s lead over Democrat Doug Jones has been virtually unaffected since the Post story came out.

The first survey, which was conducted entirely before noon local time on Thursday, shows Moore leading Jones by 50 percent to 39.2 percent with 10.8 percent undecided. That survey of 1,354 likely voters in the upcoming Dec. 12 special election has a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

The second survey, conducted Saturday evening—two days after the Post piece hit, roiling Alabama’s political scene—shows Moore and Jones with about the exact same percentages as before. Moore’s position in this second poll is 49.8 percent—meaning he only dropped 0.2 percent since the story hit—and Jones has only picked up 0.4 percent to reach 39.6 percent total. The second survey, which polled 1,536 likely voters with a margin of error of 3.3 percent, has 10.5 percent as undecided.

Wahl is a local Alabama pollster, based in the state, and is regarded for his accuracy in the state. The pollster’s firm, WT&S Consulting, did some work for Moore’s campaign in the primary and runoff—but these polls, Breitbart News has confirmed, were not commissioned by Moore’s campaign and were conducted independently. That said, WT&S Consulting nailed the runoff numbers accurately. Its last poll, the day before the runoff election, showed Moore crushing establishment-backed appointed Sen. Luther Strange 54.3 percent to 45.7 percent—an 8.6 percent gap. The final election results were 54.6 percent for Moore to 45.4 percent for Strange—or a 9.2 percent gap.

The media is struggling to find a single Moore supporter who buys the accusations:

During a segment that aired on Friday’s broadcast of Birmingham, AL ABC affiliate WBMA 33/40’s 5 p.m. local news, political reporter Lauren Walsh sought out voters in Columbiana, AL to gauge their reactions to the Washington Post report that alleged Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore engaged in inappropriate conduct with four teenage girls more than 34 years ago.

None of the respondents according to Walsh told her they believed the Post’s reporting.

“Out of all the voters we spoke with Friday in Columbiana, we didn’t find one voter who believed the Washington Post report about Moore,” she said.

In a nutshell, what is going on is that Republican voters are increasingly tuning out the media. For years, conservatives have predicted that the endless torrent of lying from the far-left media was going to eventually wreck their credibility, and starting with the Trump election, that seems to have finally happened (and it can be argued this process began even earlier outside of the US with the Brexit referendum). The internet and social media has made it very easy now for media lies to be exposed, which is why the elites are increasingly desperate to censor it.

If you need more evidence the public is increasingly tuning out the far left media, you can read this column by reporter who is aghast that the hoi polloi are no longer listening to their betters in the media:

According to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll released Wednesday (Oct. 18), nearly half of voters across the nation — 46 percent — believe the news media fabricate news stories about President Donald Trump and his administration. Just 37 percent of voters think the media do not fabricate stories, the poll shows, while the remaining 17 percent are undecided.

Fabricate: Invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent; make up for the purpose of deception.

That means just one in three voters trust that the media is reporting honestly on the Trump administration. Assuming that the voters are primarily thinking of mainstream media outlets and not fringe internet creations, the results have to be sobering for many news organizations.

Make no mistake, this movement by the general public to ignore the media is a huge problem for the far left. The media has been the tool by which public opinion has been manipulated since the Vietnam War. It still has some residual power, but the rapid erosion of the credibility of this tool must be extremely alarming to the elites.

It would be easy enough for the media to regain credibility by learning to tell the truth, report facts accurately, and not act as an arm of the DNC. But that’s too much for the media, which is mostly made up of rabid social justice warriors who see themselves as preachers of leftist catechism and leftist political activists first. They don’t really care about honesty or integrity at all.

The Roy Moore race is just the latest evidence of the media becoming little more than an isolated Washington D.C. echo chamber, totally out of touch reality. I am looking forward to watching Judge Moore crush Doug Jones on December 12, and embarrass the hell out of the GOP that stampeded to abandon him.


Written by Doomberg

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