GROPEGATE Civil War on the Left Over Al Franken

The Minneapolis StarTribune is the The Newspaper of Record in Minnesota and the Unoffical House Pravda Of the DFL Party.

So when on Thanksgiving Day morning print-edition readers across the state are greeted by this banner headline:


it’s pretty clear to all but the most dense tea-leaf readers that the Powers That Be Behind the Curtain in the DFL Kremlin are sending a non-to-subtle message to Franken Apologists that it is time to STFU and get on board the Resignation Train.

(The online version of the Strib has kiboshed the printed headline. Story link here.)

The woman Team Franken has been “vilifying” is Abby Honold, the prime mover behind sexual assault legislation being sponsored in the Senate by Franken.  Given that Franken is under a growing cloud of sexual misconduct allegations of his own Honold requested a different senator carry the bill.

Honold’s move has unleashed the Donks of Hell.

Apparently Senator Franken’s Loyal Palace Guard have been going after Honold bigly ever since.

Not surprising, since it is a Proven Page right outta the Hillary Clinton Bimbo Eruption Containment playbook.

The Smart Money says keep an eye on how this story plays out because it is preview of coming attractions once The Forces of The Narrative turn their attention to Donald Trump.


Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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