Gloria Allred admits she doesn’t know if Roy Moore signed the yearbook

This smear-job is in tatters. First she retreats to the “she alleges” talking point, and then, following a random act of journalism where the interviewer asks her point blank if her client saw him sign it, admits she hasn’t asked her client.  When pressed as to why she would show the yearbook at a presser if she’s not one hundred percent sure it’s Moore’s signature, Allred, seemingly less sober than Pelosi flying on House One back to her vineyards, replies, “Why does anyone doubt it’s his signature?”  To which the interviewer brightly points out that Moore says it isn’t his signature. Cue deer in headlights look from Allred.

Apropo of nothing whatsoever, Allred is such a stuttering mess in this rather tame interview,  I wouldn’t hire her to draw up a will.


Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 on Twitter

Gloria Allred Admits She Doesn’t Know if Roy Moore Signed The Yearbook


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