Flags Prohibited At Fort Logan National Cemetery On Veteran’s Day

I was having a repartee with Doomberg the other day and noted that you can read almost any article in the media these days and find something so outrageous that it begs to be written about.

Doomberg replied Nods head which demonstrates the kind of intellectual conversations the Mods have when you’re not looking.

This comes from in Denver: Why flags were removed from Ft Logan on Veterans Day weekend . Fort Logan has about 122,000 veterans and family members buried there including my father-in-law, Ed (WWII Naval Aviator), and his wife, Marjorie, along with three Medal of Honor recipients.

Every year a group of volunteers place flags on the graves of the veterans. It’s a very low key affair that usually earns the group fifteen seconds on the nightly news.

This year, for some inexplicable and bureaucratic reason, the volunteers were prevented from placing the flags on the graves even though they tried to go through the normal channels to get permission.

Bureaucratic nonsense like this just frosts me. There was absolutely no harm in putting out these flags and I’m sure there could have been a discussion later in the week to discuss how to handle things next year.

There is a petition asking President Trump to intervene and clarify the policies regarding placement of flags at National Cemeteries and to specifically allow them to be placed on Veterans Day as well as Memorial Day.

I’m not generally a big fan of these kind of petitions but I signed this one and offer it for your consideration. While this is a local Colorado situation, I think this has the potential for national ramifications. A nation that cannot respect those who came before, is in very, very serious trouble in my mind.

As an aside, I also think it’s sad that it requires the intervention of the President of the United States to cause something as simple as this to be resolved. However, we’ve become so bogged down in bureaucracy that doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing is virtually impossible.

The kind of kneeling this country needs more of is kneeling to plant an American flag and a whole lot less of kneeling to protest what some perceive as the unfairness of their American experience!

Mark Rosneck

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