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ERMAHGERD™ Trademarked by Sparta Report

This post is to serve notice that ERMAHGERD™, ERMAHGERD!™, and ¡ERMAHGERD!™ are trademarks of Sparta Report Media LLC.

A Google Alert has been established to monitor infringements from news stories and web sites that mention the trademark, misspelled versions of the trademark, and phrases similar to the trademark.

The ™ symbol provides common law protection signifying Sparta Report Media LLC’s continual exposure of the outrageous comments from the left.

All commenters are hereby requested to use the ™ symbol in the first use of the trademark in the comments section of each new post effective immediately helping to continue to establish the validity of Sparta Report Media LLC’s trademarks.

Licensing for the three trademarks is available from Sparta Report Media LLC. All Spartans are hereby granted a license to use the trademarks in perpetuity. Licensing to other entities or persons will be granted at no charge upon receipt of an email to that correctly answers these three questions:

  1. WHAT is your name? Enter the name as it appears in the Voter Registration database. We will check!
  2. WHAT is your quest? “MAGA” or “Make America Great Again.”
  3. WHAT is the maiden name of President Donald Trump’s mother? Mary Anne MacLeod.

In lieu of answering the three questions, requesters my also submit a 500 word essay on Why Donald Trump is the Best President of the Modern Era.

The trademarking of ERMAHGERD™ is in the longstanding tradition of the trademarking of the frownie (i.e., 🙁 ) in 2001 by Dr. E.L. Kersten of . In a press release at the time,

Despair filed suit yesterday in a US District Court in Dallas, alleging trademark infringement against over seven million individual Internet users. The company has requested separate injunctions granted against each. It is believed to be the largest single trademark dispute in history.

Today, of course, there are 272 million internet users in the Untied States demonstrating, once again, how Dr. Kersten was ahead of his time.

The Mods would also like to make Commenters aware that violations of Patent 5,443,036 will not be tolerated in any “Ratso” posts.


Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

Chief Cuck and Bottle Washer

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