Elephants in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter

As Scott Adams writes in Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter,

“People are more influenced by visual persuasion, emotion, repetition, and simplicity than they are by details and facts.”

We certainly saw that in spades over the elephant hunting kerfuffle. The image of some rich person being able to kill an elephant for their own enjoyment instantly persuaded a large chunk of the country that Hitler Trump was at it again. When he put the decision on hold so quickly, it seemed to have have a positive effect of suggesting that maybe his seeming turn from being Hitler was actually happening.

I thought trying to understand the topics of the day such as illegal immigration was hard but let me tell you — understanding elephants is way, way harder! Let me try my best to simplify this and if anyone knows President Trump, please pass it along so he doesn’t have his head spin off trying to understand it.

Let’s do this backwards. If you believe hunting elephants is wrong, then you’re going to reject anything that follows. You’ve already made up your mind.

For those of you still left, the political turmoil in Zimbabwe at the moment is probably a good enough reason to put hunting of elephants on hold.For those who haven’t been watching, a coup d’état is underway to oust 93-year-old Robert Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe. I suspect President Trump will simply say the timing of making this decision needs to wait until the political situation stabilizes.

Speaking of timing, what idiot in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service thought that making this announcement during a coup was a good idea? I’m sure the explanation has to do with the churning of the bureaucracy and it’s a coincidence but wasn’t there anyone who thought that maybe they should hold off on making the announcement? On, never mind. Maybe it’s for the best since it will give President Trump a ready excuse to put it on hold for a longer period.

Given all the leaks and other nefarious doings of the Deep State, the first thing I wondered was whether there was an actual announcement? And the answer is yes there was.

Another key point is that elephant trophy hunting is currently permitted in South Africa and Namibia. Also, trophy hunting was re-approved for Zambia about a week or so ago with little to no notice by the animal activists. The way the media is portraying this is that the Trump administration is reversing the Obama administration’s ban on elephant trophy hunting in Africa which is simply not true — we’re only talking about Zimbabwe to South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia where importing trophies is already permitted.

How many elephants are we talking about? It turns out that it’s really hard to count elephants but the best estimate is that Zimbabwe has about 82,000 elephants and the quota they have set for trophy hunting is 400 or 0.49%. How much revenue does this bring Zimbabwe? About $2,000,000 out of $5,000,000 that Zimbabwe collects for all hunting.

Much of the money goes back into the local economies and into conservation efforts. Also, if people can make money legally, they’re less likely to poach animals. I have no way of telling the degree to which this is all true and the degree to which there is corruption in the system. However, it’s also clear that quite a few folks have spent an awful lot of time trying to sort this out for the benefits of the elephant population as well as the citizens of Zimbabwe.

Sadly, the “hunting is just plain wrong crowd” may well doom a number of elephants to death should the habitat not be able to support the population causing a higher number of human/elephant interactions resulting in the death of more “problem animals.”

I just wish the left would be believe in science a tiny bit more!

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

Chief Cuck and Bottle Washer

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