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Caption This Photo of a SJW Couple and Their Kid

caption this photo social justice warrior transgender

Before you read what this couple is sitting there for with their kid, tell us what you think they are sitting there for.

Don’t spoil it.

Okay, here it comes…

The couple’s son “James” is crying at the prospect of bloodwork involving needles, while his mother “Sara,” is comforting him. His father, “Ben,” is looking on, likely reevaluating his life choices.

Dr. Ilana Sherer stands to the right preparing the tests that will determine if the couple’s son is starting puberty. If the tests come back showing signs that he is, he will be given hormone blockers until he is in his early teens.

If “James” still insists on his current identity at that time, he will be placed on cross hormonal therapy to allow him to experience development that aligns with the gender he identifies with.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… “James” is actually the couple’s nine year old girl.


Written by NWC

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