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BREAKING: Two Minnesota State Legislators resign amid allegations of sexual harassment at State Capitol; Pressure grows for Franken to step down as “GROPEGATE” scandal builds

The widening national “Gropegate” scandal has claimed two more political scalps.

Two Minnesota state legislators, one a Democrat State Senator the other a Republican State Representative have succumbed to bi-partisan calls that they resign after being accused of sexual misconduct inside the state capitol in St. Paul.

The pair announced they will both step aside ending several weeks of demands they leave the capitol:

Two Minnesota lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct have announced plans to resign.

The departure of the pair increases the pressure on Senator Al Franken to step down following a pair of accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct including one that occurred at the Minnesota State Fair while a sitting senator:

In the aftermath of another woman coming forward with allegations against Sen. Al Franken, two progressive groups are now calling for his resignation.

Within hours of Lindsay Menz’s story of an “uncomfortable moment” with Franken at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair, the groups Credo and Indivisible called for the senator to resign immediately.

While the groups may not be household names, they claim to have millions of progressive members – members who, until a few days ago, saw Franken as one of their champions.


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