Trump ‘Endorses’ Moore; Dems Pounce on Old Trump Accusations

Stopping to speak with reporters as he departed the White House for Mar-A-Lago, President Trump appeared to endorse Judge Roy Moore in his Alabama Senate contest against Democrat Roy Moore.

Asked by reporters whether he supports Judge Moore, Trump responded by saying “I can tell you one thing for sure…we don’t need a liberal person in there…a Democrat…Jones…I’ve looked at his record, he’s terrible on crime, it’s terrible on the border, it’s terrible on the military…I can tell you for a fact that we don’t need somebody who’s going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad with the military, and bad for the 2nd Amendment. “.

Asked by a smartass reporter if that meant that Trump preferred a “child molester” to a liberal Democrat, Trump replied “well, he (Moore) denies it…he totally denies it”.

The entire sequence of press questions can be watched here:

Trump on Roy Moore

Uploaded by Clips 8 on 2017-11-21.

Predictably, the Democrat propaganda agents posing as White House “journalists” immediately pounced, with one sarcastically asking if the Moore “scandal” means that old allegations against Trump should be reconsidered.

Trump refused to take the bait, and simply responded “Look, Roy Moore denies it…he totally denies it”.

Finally, the media asked if Trump will campaign for Roy Moore, and the President responded “I’ll be letting you know next week, but you don’t need somebody that is soft on crime like Jones”.

Previously, I have written here on Sparta Report, and others have speculated in the cements, that the Dems were maneuvering to use the Moore and Franken allegations, along with the general Sex Accusation Hysteria sweeping the country, to attempt to re-float the old accusations of sexual improprieties by Trump.

Obviously, the meme the Dems want to pursue is to trap Trump into saying that female sex accusers must generally “be believed”, and then immediately claim “then that means the old Trump accusations must be believed”.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of the Sexual Witch Trials of 2017.

Additionally, it should be noted that the Moore campaign held a press conference today in Montgomery, Alabama, where three Moore spokesmen again denied all of the allegations against Moore, and offered specific pieces of information they say refutes the claims of some of the accusers.

Sparta has reached out to the Roy Moore campaign for comment on the Trump remarks, or any other comment on the unfolding Moore campaign, and we will let you know if we receive word from the Moore camp.

























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