Baghdad Blues #5

Baghdad Blues #5


Islamopalooza, or the Interminable Inbred Clown Club

All over Baghdad, on almost every street and thoroughfare, one sees various-sized posters and placards sporting the images of Muqtada al Sadr and his long-dead daddy, Mohammed al Sadr, who was dispensed with by another long-dead Islamofascist, Saddam Hussein.

The Sadrs are the equivalent of rock stars in this grungy city by the river. One example of their mugs accompanies this article. The living one is elevated to Mick Jagger-like status, but without the lips and charisma. The other is more like the Jimi Hendrix of Islam, for he is dead and because he “overdosed” on Islam, to the extent that his Shia version so irritated ole Sunni Hussein that it left him no recourse but to have a bullet introduced to the clown’s head.

Both Mohammed and Muqtada, of course, are the insane result of Islamo inbreeding that has been going on for 1400 some-odd years. As we well know, inbreeding (by “virtue” of first-cousin marriages and their spawn) has long been documented to produce monsters of humans. Anyone interested in scientific studies of the effects of this horrendous activity would do well to investigate the work of Dr. Nicholas Sennels, an authority on the subject.

Accompanying the rock stars’ giant posters are often found images of lesser known luminaries; the Shaheed, or holy martyrs. Most of the ones seen nowadays bought the farm in Mosul or Fallujah, fighting Daesh in its heyday. Elsewhere in the seedier parts of the city are crude, cartoon-like caricatures drawn in simple black outline on drab block walls by the side of the road. They all look remarkably similar because of the distinct absence of artistic talent; but indeed, they are martyrs, too. Hilariously, it seems to have never occurred to anyone that they died in a holy war with adherents of the same faith, who also are considered martyrs. So everybody is a rock star, I guess.

The longer I am here in Baghdad, the more closely I realize that the real problem, along with adherence to a Religiocult named Islam – is the inbreeding. It makes the people stupid beyond belief. It causes the “victims” to be almost immune to logic and notions of cause and effect. It stunts the mind and causes a propensity for violence.

It would be akin to having, instead of the Rolling Stones giving a concert back in the day with the Hell’s Angels as security for the rock stars, the Hell’s Angels as the rock stars would be onstage and a bunch of inbred Islamoid Clowns would be providing the security. As far as Baghdad goes, there is no distinction between the rock stars, the audience and the security for the event – they are all card-carrying members of the Interminable Inbred Clown Club.


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