Are Republicans Really This Stupid?

The Investor’s Business Daily Editorial Board asks a very pertinent question, ‘Are Republicans Really This Stupid?’ as they take a look at what is happening inside the Republican majority controlled Congress….

This is truly remarkable. Cutting taxes should be a no-brainer for Republicans. It’s always a political winner, and in this case, the tax cut package is decidedly pro-growth, which will mitigate its budgetary “costs,” accelerate the economy, raise household income and give the GOP something to brag about next November.

In fact, if Republicans can get it together and produce enough votes to guarantee passage of a tax-cut bill, they might even get a few Democrats on board.

That’s what has always happened in the past anyway.

Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts passed with substantial support from Democrats. Clinton’s 1997 tax cut bill attracted 164 Democrats in the House and 37 in the Senate. Twenty-eight House Democrats voted for Bush’s 2001 tax cuts, as did 11 Democratic Senators. And a handful of Democrats backed Bush’s follow-up tax cuts in 2003.

Now it’s Republicans who are bashing tax cuts because they are “unfair” and because they might hurt ObamaCare.

We have our reservations with the tax cut package. It’s not perfect. It never will be. It does, however, move the country in the right direction, and there will be another chance to hammer out changes when the Senate and House bills get merged in a conference committee. But it has to actually pass the Senate first — which won’t happen if Johnson and Co. nitpick it to death.

If the Republican party stands for nothing else, it’s for limited government and lower taxes. If Republicans can’t deliver on either — when they have a majority in both houses and a Republican in the White House — it’s hard to see why anyone should support the party any more.

Want a simple answer for the very simple question that the Investor’s Business Daily Editorial Board asked?

Yes, the GOP Establishment (GOPe) are really that stupid.


And I do specifically mean the GOPe / NeverTrump wing of the Republican Party.  We know who they are.  They cannot stop themselves from identifying themselves in their petulant snit fits and ‘principled’ pontifications and stands.

These are the ‘respected leaders’ of the Republican Party who rather blow it all up than hand Donald Trump and his conservative supporters a win. They would rather blow it all up because unlike Trump’s agenda and his supporters, the GOPe / NeverTrump aren’t conservatives.

They claim they’re conservatives.  For a few months every election cycle, they actually try to campaign as if they are conservatives.  But what conservative values are they willing to fight on a hill for?

They are not fighting for smaller government.  They are not fighting to repeal and replace Obamacare – an unprecedented expansion of government power and control – despite their 7 years of campaign promises.

They passed something like 41 repeal and replace bills knowing full well Barack Obama would veto every single one of them. But with a Republican in the White House, who wants to repeal and replace – the GOPe failed to get a bill sent to the White House.

They are not fighting for fiscal responsibility. We were supposed to have a ‘regular process’ budget after 8 years of Continuing Resolutions – and we are running the first 2 1/2 months of FY2018 under yet another CR – a CR that maintains the same spending increase rates as we saw under the previous President – and rubber stamped by the GOPe.

According to the GOPe, we need to have an even more progressive tax system – where winners and losers are picked. Where the tax burden is focused on a smaller group of payers, while wealth redistribution continues to expand.

It has to be ‘paid for’ in order to ensure there are sufficient revenues for the steady upward trends in spending.

They cannot even advocate a significant lowering of the top tax rate.  In fact, in the just passed House bill, the top rate for many will actually increase.

The Senate bill being debated does not even collapse the number of rate categories – staying at the present 7.

They are more focused on preferring amnesty for millions than enforcing the rule of law.  There is little, if any, outrage over the concept of sanctuary locations – where those elected officials have decided to openly defy the rule of law.  They argue about ‘fairness’ but ignore the unfairness directed at the millions who followed and respected immigration laws.

They are fighting the Republican in the White House far harder and with more vitriol than they did the most corrupt, most imperial, and most Marxist President who ever was elected President.

They do so because he threatens to ‘drain the swamp’ and end their corrupt existence.  And because he ran on the principles that the government exists to serve the people – as opposed to the establishment position that the people exist to serve and fund the government.

If anyone can take control of the House, Senate, and White House combined with the ability to banish the left to decades in the wilderness and flush it – its the ‘Stupid Party’, aka the GOPe.

Such cuckery is not immune from repercussions.


What do you think?

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