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Angela Merkel’s Coalition Talks Have Collapsed, Leaving Her Future in Doubt

This is one of the best pieces of news I’ve heard all week, and it’s just Monday! The downfall of Angela Merkel will hopefully be the end in a long, dark chapter of Germany’s history:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared failure in her bid to form a new government, throwing the future of Europe’s longest-serving leader into doubt and potentially pointing the world’s fourth-biggest economy toward new elections. The euro fell.

A month of exploratory coalition talks ended in a dramatic collapse just before midnight Sunday in Berlin when the pro-market Free Democratic Party, one of the prospective partners, walked out on a deal that Merkel said had been within reach.

After 12 years in office that have made her Europe’s anchor of stability in times of crisis, Merkel said she’s staying on as acting chancellor and will consult with Germany’s president later Monday on what comes next. The collapse signals the limit of her pragmatic, non-ideological style of governing and leaves her options for staying in power for another four years dramatically narrowed.

“It’s a day at the very least for a profound examination of Germany’s future,” Merkel, 63, told reporters after the talks ended. “As chancellor, as caretaker chancellor, I will do everything to make sure this country continues to be well governed through the tough weeks ahead.”

I love how Bloomberg calls Merkel’s governance “non-ideological” and “pragmatic.” There is nothing “pragmatic” about flooding your country with millions of violent immigrants who have no interest in assimilation and giving them millions or billions in welfare benefits. There is nothing pragmatic about jailing critics of the government under the pretext of “stopping hate speech.”

In fact, like every other social justice warrior, she only doubled down and grew more nasty and bitter as the backlash against her policies from the general public grew and grew. In no way was this “pragmatic” governing. It was the actions of a religious zealot or an ideological fanatic, who was happy to torpedo her own government in the name of social justice.

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