Alabama Newspapers: “Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore”

Sunday newspapers landing on driveways and sunny front porches this morning across Alabama contain a banner top-of-the fold headline blaring “Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore”.

The Birmingham News, Huntsville Times, and Mobile Press-Register all carry the article, which goes on to formally endorse Democrat Doug Jones.

The three largest newpapers in Alabama are owned by Alabama Media Group, and carried the story as the opinion of the Editorial Board of AMG’s online media outlet,

I won’t quote from the liberal talking points in the article, since it is Sunday and I would rather not encourage cussin’ in the cements.  Suffice it to say, the Dems are pushing “War on Women, Part”, and endless vague emotional platitudes about decency, etc.

The article itself can be read here:

Our view: Alabama voters must reject Roy Moore; we endorse Doug Jones for U.S. Senate

This election is a turning point for women in Alabama. A chance to make their voices heard in a state that has silenced them for too long. The accusations against Roy Moore have been horrifying, but not shocking.

It’s worth noting that a law firm representing Judge Moore has previously warned AMG and about their reporting on the sex smears in a letter that has been made public.

The open letter, published on Tuesday specifically states that reporting of the sexual assault allegations of Beverly Nelson is false, including both the allegations themselves, and the yearbook that Nelson and her attorney Gloria Allred offered as “evidence”.

The letter goes on to warn of potential legal consequences for AMG, and can be viewed here:

Of course, it’s unclear how impactful the endorsement by the newspaper group will be in the hotly contested race.

Sparta’s very own Doc Holliday, a politically active Alabamian, has noted in the cements that the feel on the ground is that voters are likely to react very unfavorably to outside attempts to “tell” them how to vote.

I have personally spoken with four individual high ranking members of the Moore campaign since the smears surfaced, including Moore campaign manager Rich Hobson, and all four echoed those sentiments, with Hobson calling Moore’s support “stronger than ever”.

Sparta Report has reached out to its contacts with the Moore campaign for additional comment on the media endorsements.

See you in the cements.









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