Alabama SOS: If the State Party Withdraws Support for Roy Moore, He Can Win As Many Votes As He Wants, It Won’t Count

Roy Moore remains steadfast and defiant against the combined effort of the Washington DC Swamp to intimidate him to get out of the race, yet another threat is being floated at home. The Alabama Secretary of State is stating that it may not even come down to Roy Moore deciding to get out of the race or not, the state party can apparently make it for him by withdrawing their support from him for the election.

This would render the election null and void, another special election would need to be called and the whole process would need to start all over again.

Who here thinks that the governor would declare the election void if Roy Moore were to win the election next month?

Merrill said Moore could withdraw from the race, or the state Republican Party could formally pull its support. He further stated that if that happens and Moore receives the most votes, “our election would be declared null and void, and Governor Ivey would have to call another special election, and we’d start the process all over again.”

Merrill commented on the prospect of Governor Ivey delaying the certification of the election results, and said he would be “very surprised,” if this happened, seeing as it would be “unprecedented in the history of the state for that to occur after the results of the people were made known. It would be very unusual.”

He added that Ivey has already changed the election date already, but that was done before the process had begun.

Merrill concluded that if the current seatholder, Senator Luther Strange (R-AL), resigned before the election, “[T]he governor would certainly have to appoint someone to fill that term that Senator Strange is currently completing. Of course, the way that our code reads is that the individual who is in that role would continue to serve until at such a time that the senator was duly elected and duly sworn in to fulfill the commitment as the junior senator from the state of Alabama. So, in the instance that you just described, Senator Strange would no longer be in the picture. However, that individual who was in that role would continue until this election was completed and certified.”

An error has been corrected, it should read: Alabama’s Secretary of State, not Alabama’s Attorney General.


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