After Texas, What Can We Do?

In my view we need to merge prayer with action.

What can we do now?

This was the question Jay Sekulow was asking on his radio show. You probably thought it was me didn’t you!

If you want to watch the show on Periscope, the link is

What conclusions did they come to? Here’s what I heard:

  1. Find out why the shooter was able to get this weapon and fix it.
  2. Perhaps look at different licensing levels between hand guns and long guns such as the AR-15.
  3. Change the culture so that there is more respect for life.
  4. Constantly be aware of your own personal surroundings.
  5. Make sure that churches have active shooter plans in place.

Church active shooter training

The Fraternal Order of Police continued to combat the threat of active shooters with another security training for faith-based groups.

That’s really hard to watch after the Texas shooting!

Anyway, one thing I also picked up from the show was a frustration that the only response Republicans seem to have is the cookie cutter response epitomized by Paul Ryan:

Paul Ryan on Twitter

Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now.

I think I’m going to surprise many of you with my view on what we should do:


After Las Vegas, I was certain we would see legislation for some amount of gun control. The worse case scenario played out right before our eyes — shooter with limited skill uses a legally purchased AR15 modified for rapid fire and kills a whole bunch of people for no apparent reason.

At the very least, I expected bump stocks to be banned. After all, there are only a couple suppliers of bump stocks and they’re relatively small companies. Putting both out of business is about the tiniest blip imaginable. I was absolutely certain that would happen. Scott Adams did a Periscope titled Scott Adams tells you how President Trump is failing on Bump Stock ban. Like Scott, I saw a bump stock ban as a total no brainer.


That really shocked me! Truly! How could this be? The lowest of low hanging fruits imaginable and neither side grabbed it? Actually, there is some legislation but the push to ban bump stocks has slowed as the New York Times reports. This article seems to put the blame on the N.R.A. for pointing out that maybe this is a problem for the A.T.F. to handle and both sides seem to have immediately felt fine with that and even hopeful.

Let me suggest something deeper.

There’s the “follow the money” component of everything that happens in Washington. The money coming from the N.R.A to Republicans is obvious. On the Democrat side, the money is flowing from . . . hey, wait a minute . . . there is no equivalent N.R.A on the left. There are a number of small organizations such as the Brady Campaign and Center. While the left feels entitled to their high pitched wailing on the topic, they can’t monetize it!

Related to this is that gun control seems to have reached a state where both sides are pretty happy with where things are and moving the status quo even a little bit will require a tremendous amount of energy and money. The left doesn’t have the money and the right is at what they consider the bounds of a morally acceptable solution based on the Second Amendment.

What Jay Sekulow said time and time again on the Periscope is “we need to have the discussion.” I actually don’t think so because “gun control,” as it turns out, really isn’t a thing. Until such time as the left organizes an equivalent organization to the N.R.A, we’re going to stay at this point.

And that seems to actually be fine with all parties. For now, we just need better tweets.

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