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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #55 – Self-Driving Edition

What Are You Playing This Week?

This week I logged more time on the Star Wars pinball machine and ended up playing The Walking Dead Arcade for a couple of levels and Star Wars Battle Pod for one level. I didn’t get any time to play something on the PC and only played a little Nintendo, Hyrule Warriors. I received a capture device in the mail and so experimented with that – tested that out with some Alien Vs. Predator on the ol’ Atari Jaguar, Awesome Golf on the Atari Lynx and Maniac Miner on the Atari 800XL and the aforementioned Star Wars Battle Pod (I need to find a DVI/HDMI converter for the Walking Dead). I primarily want to give it a spin on my newer arcade machines that use HDMI but it should be fun with the classic consoles.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Edge Magazine Awards Super Mario Odyssey (SW) A 10/10 (link to review; spoilers)

There’s Been A Bit Of Hub-bub About The Legality Of Loot Boxes This Past Week

H1Z1 Pro Gamer League Will Start Players Off At $50k A Year And Has A Diversity “Bill Of Rights”

The Popular Humble Bundle Site Has Been bought By IGN

Nintendo Wants More M-Rated Games On The Switch

We’ll Soon Enjoy A Sega/Atlus USA Online Shop

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown Headed To Steam Early Access

Bungie’s Destiny 2 Is Stumbling In Sales

Giving Truck Simulator The ‘Redneck’ Arcade Treatment

Hacking An Old NES Power Glove For Use On The HTC Vive – VR Saved!

Cuphead Surpasses 1 Million Sales In Just Two Weeks

Kirby Battle Royale Intro Trailer (3DS)

Zeku From Street Fighter Alpha 2 Joins Street Fighter V Cast On Oct. 24th

The Sega CD Turns 25

Yars Revenge On Vinyl

DOOM Hits The Switch On November 10th


Eight Minute Tour Of The Pinball Expo 2017 – The 33rd annual Pinball Expo took place in Chicago this week, bringing together plenty of old and some new pinball machines for gamers to enjoy. In case you couldn’t make it, here’s what was there:

The biggest announcement out of this expo was American pinball maker Jersey Jack Pinball showing off their 4th game, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Injustice Arcade Now At Dave & Busters – D&B is able to get a lot of stuff that no one else does, either permanently (like the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘EM Robots game) or temporarily. This game falls into the latter, the game reaching other venues in a different cabinet this December. More details here; and here’s a video review:

Arc System Bringing BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle To PC/PS4/SW – If you like 2D fighters with a little bit of a name, BlazBlue is coming back in 2018. There was a little bit of buzz in that this will be hitting the Switch as well; I think that you’ll be reading that from here on out for anything that previously was just PC/PS4 (while ignoring the poor Xbox)

Fire Emblem Warriors Vs. Hyrule Warriors (Graphically) – While self-explanatory, the reaction from many users (including myself) is wanting HW2 or at least HWDX for Switch. I just am not into the FE series. Although there was that one time that Koei Tecmo threw out the idea of a Mario Musou…

Game Music Of The Week- Super Mario Theme On Calculators – Yes, calculators

Homebrew of the Week: DK Jr. Game & Watch (Nintendo Wii & DS) – If you want to play the Donkey Kong Jr. version from Game & Watch (those old LCD watch games that some of us had) on slightly newer consoles, this homebrew game is where it’s at:

Technology Headlines

For whatever reason, self-driving vehicle news has really started to blow up.

New Tech Hotness: Self-Flying Planes

Postal Service Working on Self-Driving Mail Trucks

Ford Buys Self-Driving Startup Autonomic

The Unexpected Problem With Self-Driving Cars: Fuel

Onto other headlines

Western Digital Announces Breakthrough With MAMR Storage Tech

G.Skill Announces New 32GB RAM Kit

Tesla Fires 400-700 Of It’s 33,000 Workforce – They say it’s due to bad performance reviews

Equifax Website Now Giving Out Malware Via Their Website

Don’t Worry Citizen, The Google Mini Recording You 24/7 Is Just A Minor “Defect”

The Army’s Next Generation Of Tank Will Have Lasers

Maybe Adobe Should Kill Flash Sooner Rather Than Later

Spike Aerospace Successfully Tests An Early Prototype Of Their Quiet Supersonic Jet

X3 Ion Thruster Breaks Records On Test – Can potentially reach 40km/s whereas chemical reaches 5. Still lags behind the potential of Photon Driven Engines

NASA And “RUSSIA” Sittin’ In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I… – The Russian space agency is called Roscosmos but the media still finds value in hysterically shouting RUSSIA every chance they get. Cuz they made Hillary a terrible candidate and not herself


The Ingestible Origami Robot – Why on earth would you want to swallow a robot? For surgery, of course! This reminds me of the ol’ but fun game by Imagic called Microsurgeon. Anyways, designed to unfold itself after being swallowed, it can then perform certain surgical tasks on a patient’s stomach. More details can be found here.

Amazon Announces The “All-New Kindle Oasis” – Yep, that’s the name they decided to go with for now. It’s got a bigger screen than before and it’s waterproof:

Dubai Police Making Use Of RUSSIAN Made Hover Bikes – While I’m sure the brilliant minds over at CNN are hard at work to find a way to tie this to Donald Trump and “stealing” the election somehow but for the rest of us, we can marvel at the police in Dubai flying along on hover bikes.

Facebook Announces Oculus Go – In Zuckerberg’s quest to make ‘All Your Face Belong To Us’, his investment in Oculus hasn’t exactly panned out as hoped. So the next shot in the VR war for them is Oculus Go, a fabric lined VR headset for $200. It will launch next year but users will only be able to stand in one place, no walking around. Fortunately most VR games don’t let you walk around anyways.

Space Pron Of The Week: Puppis A Supernova Remnant – Time to gaze at the remnants of a star that exploded thousands of years ago. The exploded star remnant is in the upper right of this image while the rest of the scene involves more dust and old filaments in-between us & there (the remnant is about 7,000 light years away).This scene might have a little bit of an October vibe to it thanks to the color scheme:


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