[VIDEO] An Update on Virginia’s Polling, Plus Latino Victory Fund Puts Out a Nasty, Racist ‘Ad’ for the Virginia Governor’s Race

First up, the outrageously racist ad from Democrat racist Latinos.

The Virginia Governor’s race is a week away and the Democrats are pulling no punches with their vile bulls*** in attacking white people as Nazis who just want to run brown kids down.

What a bunch of racist filth. Looks like we’ll have to deport some more of their friends back south of the border.

Brutal Ad…. American Nightmare | Latino Victory Fund (D) TV Ad

Fox News: In a new opposition ad released Monday, supporters of Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie are seen as Confederates who attack minority children. The minute-long advertisement, titled “American Nightmare,” was released by Democratic group Latino Victory Fund (LVF).

Next up, the Polling in the Virginia Governor’s Race

The polling is all over the place all of it has been very badly done and has no attachment to reality. Some, like Quinnipiac is showing a D+13 ballot.

That is a SIX POINT stronger showing for Democrats than in 2016 Virginia and an EIGHT POINT stronger showing since the 2013 off year Governor’s elections in Virginia.

Quinnipiac is trying to tell us that not only has the electorate moved more Democrat since 2013, but that it is more Democrat than it was in 2016… an election year when Democrats turn out in huge numbers. Republicans win in the off years on turnout and have been doing so for decades, so any poll that is showing a massive Democrat wave in Virginia is wishcasting at best and propaganda at worst.

The Democrat-Republican-Independent makeup for the 2016 election was 40-33-26 and the D-R-I composition for 2013 was 37-32-31 and for 2012 39-32-29. In fact the electorate in 2016 almost exactly mirrored the electorate from 2008.

Virginia has not drastically changed in the last 10 years.

It is not just the Quinnipiac poll, the Monmouth, Hampton University, Fox News, and others are all garbage. Everyone is getting drastically different results, some are showing a Gillespie lead (25 point swing from the Quinnipiac poll) or a Northam minor lead of a few points (still a 10 point swing from the Quinnipiac poll).

It. Just. Isn’t. Plausible. For. This. Much. Volatility. Especially when polling is the over the same time period or nearly the same… and we’re seeing drastically differing top-line numbers like we’ve seen.

Polling companies are producing low quality polling and aggregators are using anything and everything for their systems. It is becoming a joke. If the exit polling looks to be like the 2013 exit polls of a D-R-I of 37-32-31… this race will be a lot closer than what the media polls are saying and it certainly won’t end with a 17 point blowout for the Democrat.

Virginia has a problem where the GOP guy ends up a lot closer than the polls suggest (see the last governor’s race in 2013), so I doubt we’ll see a difference this year and I will be shocked, shocked, to see a 17 point victory margin for Northam over Gillespie.


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