The Chronicles of The Trump, Chapter Three

1.And the Trump Tweeteth, and the whole Earth was troubled, so powerful was the Tweet.

2.For a Tweet mocketh a Corker, one who giveth rise to the Long Legged Mack Daddy’s gift of money to the Mullahs of Iran.

3.And Corker felt scorned, so he chooseth to fight back that someone did not care for the child-like Trump, and it fell flat on the world, and embarasseth the Corker.

4.Who then taketh to the waves to  rebuke the Trump, but his words were feeble, but he sayeth more than he shouldst, as he claimeth the GOP deliberately worketh to take  down the Trump.

5.And Trump calleth him “Liddle” to mock the Pharisee of Iran. And it sticketh hard,  like a congressman to a lobbyist butt.

6.And the Tweets continued. Yea, he calleth for the NFL to stand , and the World mocketh him, to take on the powerful NFL. But Yea, I showest thee that Trump whoopeth their ass again.

7.For the Chief Scribe, a liberal of high magnitude, telleth the players that they shouldst rise to their feet and stand. And the players gnasheth their teeth, as they know The Trump winneth again.

8.And NBC , an arbiter of Fake News, was caught in the storm. For they sought to lie and The Trump calleth them out. Yea, he calleth them out for their fake news of Kelly resigning.  He equalleth them as CNN, words of powerful rebuke. And they taketh the bait and respondeth.

9.The Word of The Trump cutteth them to the bone, that they know not what to do. They cry out that there is too much news for them. They canst not take when one standeth up to their power. They seeketh a safe place, but the public scorns them too.

10.And they spiketh a story on a perverted rapist in years past, as it wouldst damage a money donor to the Liberal. They crieth out for womens rights, yet their own  abuseth them on a couch.  Ye hypocrites! All that thou claims Trump doeth, thou doeth! Ye try to hide behind words, but they nakedness come forth for all to see.  Thou perverts! Thou shall be dashed to pieces.

11.The Left eateth their own, after having no problem with the molestation. For decades, they knoweth the abuse of woman, yet they continue to keep their mouth shut. They seeketh money over honor. They seeketh fame over morality.  And now, it biteth their ass.

12.And  it came to pass that a Wall, a prototype being raised on the border.  The Mexican crieth out in agony as their drugs cankers their soul. They threaten The Trump , that they pulleth out of NAFTA to teach Trump a lesson.  They will be strangers in their own land.  The liberal whineth about camps of Internment, and crieth in their tofu that their utopia falleth apart.

13.And ICE commenteth that they will do raids in sanctuaries to catch the illegal, because a Moonbeam screweth the pooch.

14.A Lawyer! A Lawyer! Our HIV blood for a Lawyer! They seeketh the courts to stop The Trump and the Wall, and everything Trump doeth.

15.And Lo! See ye here! For Pruitt seeketh to knock down a legacy of the Mack Daddy! For he wants to end the Clean Power Plan!  Splodey heads abound, and The Trump addeth to it, for his 30 page document doth not once mention global warming.  They cry in the wilderness, and their tears are delicious to the taste.

16.The Trump speaketh to Pennysylvania on taxes, and both left and rino curseth his name, while some calleth for the Turtle to step down from the post. The GOP is eateth itself, and all because Trump tweeteth.

17.One more has taken the bait, and whineth to Trump about upholding his vows to the Constitution, yet he himself  faileth to uphold it himself, and now I in the targeting system of the Trump. And where it endeth, we shall soon see.



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