Spanish Meltdown: Police Launch Vicious Crackdown on Catalonia Referendum

In the long run, I doubt Catalonia is going to successfully secede from Spain, largely because they have been part of the country for hundreds of years, and as we’re seeing now, they seem to have no capability to resist the Spanish security forces, who are beating the hell out out of the voters:

But regardless, this is very ugly. That this is happening in a modern, Western democracy is shocking, and makes me wonder about where our own country is going:

Hundreds of people have been injured as riot police shut down polling stations on the day of the controversial independence referendum in Catalonia.

Officers were seen stamping and kicking protesters as they stormed buildings and seized ballot boxes.

Footage captured in the village of Sarria de Ter in the province of Girona showed authorities using an axe to smash down the doors of a polling station where Catalan president Carles Puigdemont was due to cast his vote.

And in Barcelona, the region’s capital, officers fired rubber bullets at thousands of protesters demonstrating against their votes being denied.

At least 460 people have been hurt in the clashes across Catalonia, the city’s mayor said, while Spain’s interior ministry said at least 11 police officers had been injured.

Shocking footage from Barcelona shows police officers throwing voters down a flight of stairs and stamping on people as they raid a polling station.


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