Shia LaBeouf Brings Back 4chan’s Favorite Game

If I didn’t know better from the public meltdowns he’d had, I’d almost think that Shia LeBeouf was having fun setting up these challenges for 4chan to overcome.

Shia LaBeouf has resurrected the notorious ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ exhibit that was sabotaged by 4Chan trolls numerous times, which had led the actor to scrap the 4-year long anti-Trump project months ago.

LaBeouf announced the return of HWNDU in a tweet with a picture of himself in a crane next to a spire with the infamous white flag displaying the phrase “He Will Not Divide Us” waving at the top.

“HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US, NOW LIVE, le lieu unique, Nantes,” LaBeouf tweeted.

4Chan, which has delighted in turning the exhibit into the world’s ultimate contest of “Capture the Flag,” is already eager to hatch plans to take the HWNDU flag from the French arts center.

For those who may not remember, Shia LeBeouf has been setting up flags that say “He Will Not Divide Us” in various places around the US (and eventually the world), and he has webcams running displaying those flags 24/7.

The “he” in this case is President Donald Trump, as LeBeouf is one of many liberals who cannot get over Trump’s 2016 victory.

The problem for LeBeouf is that 4chan is much, much smarter than him.

Earlier in the year, the flag was hidden in Liverpool in Britain, and some enterprising 4channers managed to steal it by figuring out the patterns of the guards posted around the building, and then scaling a nearby building, and finally crossing over to the guarded building to take the flag.

That was the fourth time 4chan managed to locate and steal the flag.

Needless to say, after this incident, LeBeouf had a highly entertaining public meltdown.


Written by Doomberg

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