Roger Goodell – Don’t Break the NFL Rules

Mr. Goodell,

I have followed your treatment of the NFL rules and am appalled by your lack of respect for your own rules by allowing the players to “take a knee” during the playing of the National Anthem.

You think they are making a statement about race, but you fail to see how many of your loyal fans you alienate as a result of this foolish line of thinking. You are actually dividing the country, and failing to see that that you are encouraging your pampered, over-paid players to be traitors to our flag.

Oops. “Traitors?” Yes, I’ve said it. They are disrespectful traitors to what our great nation stands for. They can “take a knee” on their own time, but when they “take a knee” during the playing of the National Anthem, they are in complete disrespect of or Flag, our Country, and our President.

You should have spoken out with courage long before, when Kaepernick wore the socks saying “cops are pigs” and “taking a knee.” You should make a public apology to all your loyal former fans, admit you are wrong, and reset the moral excellence and respect for football you hoped you had before you caved.

You should be disciplined along with your players until you learn respect and gain a little wisdom. You encourage our enemies to plot against us. You are like a Trojan Horse in our midst. The enemy is within us and it’s YOU.

You are dragging our country in the direction of anarchy. Yes you, Mr. Goodell, when you encourage your players to break the rules. It is totally obvious you are afraid of your players.

For the sake of our country. Learn a little humility and encourage your players to have the same.


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