Oh My! PM Macron Shivs Merkel in the Back, Tells Illegal Immigrants They Will Be Deported

Macron Merkel illegal immigration

Macron Will Now Deport Illegal Aliens

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies are proving too much even for Emmanuel Macron, who himself said that islam was here to stay before his election in France earlier this year. As his poll numbers have slid from a healthy 60% approval to 44% today, the young leader of France has decided to start an about face on his open door policy with refugees from the Middle East.

France’s President, like most of Europe, has decided that he has had enough of the migrants crossing into his country illegally. In a country that was making cartoons that were showing fairy godmothers spiriting muslims into Europe or showing Europe Man telling off people who wanted to curtail immigration… this is quite a coup.

He announced in an interview this week that he will now be deporting any illegal alien who commits any crime from France. Currently, illegal aliens in France have no fear of deportation as it is not a crime in France to be in the country illegally.

Even Merkel herself announced that she is bowing to the new immigration realities that were made very clear to her last month when she was publicly embarrassed in the German general election.

alternative for germany

In the aftermath of that election, where she lost her coalition partners in the socialists and saw Alternative for Germany gain a foothold in her parliament, she announced that she will seek to place a cap of 200,000 refugees allowed to come to her country per year.

The German people delivered a clear message to her and her party that they must make a course correction. Even though the concession she made was a small one, it was a far cry from the defiant tone that she took in recent months in the face of increasing opposition to her policies. She even stated that she had no regrets for all the massive muslim immigration into her country, even in the face of a huge wave terrorism sweeping through Germany.

The worsening migrant crisis throughout Europe has highlighted the problems of massive muslim population immigration to each country that has accepted them, in the form of a drastic increase in terrorist attacks.

The most recent attack, which was likely the reason for Emmanuel Macron’s sudden change of heart (due to it affecting poll numbers), resulted in two French women murdered in Marseilles.

Macron went even further in a speech after his interview, “We don’t welcome people well, our procedures are too long, we don’t integrate people properly and neither do we send enough people back,” he said, while repeating former prime minister Michel Rocard’s axiom that: “We should take our fair share, but we can’t just welcome in all the world’s poor people.”


The European Migrant Crisis

Europe Migrant Crisis
Nations discuss leaving the European Union as the migrant crisis worsens.

Several countries since the migrant crisis has started, turned their backs on the open borders policies of the European Union.

The first casualty of this policy was the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. That shockwave later saw populist movements rise up throughout the continent.

Poland has refused to allow any muslim migrants into their country and hasn’t suffered from a single terrorist attack since the migrant crisis began. What has happened was a massive wave of popularity for the ruling government from the Polish people, who no doubt clearly see the insanity happening in other European capitols and refuse to let it happen in Poland.

Austria just elected a right wing populist who promised to curtail immigration to their country, after the left lost stole the election last year.

Sebastian Kurz Austria Anti-Immigration

Their neighbors to the north in the Czech Republic also saw a massive right wing movement elect a Donald Trump of their own.

Italy’s European Union prime minister, Matteo Renzi, resigned in disgrace after losing a referendum massively within the last year. The referendum was to give him increased control over the political system to “make reforms” and reduce the power of the legislative branches.

Hungary’s Prime Minister is building walls, cracks down on groups by George Soros, and refusing to import more immigrants.

All of these things are leading to a Europe where the existing globalist ideology is wiped from the face of political power. No matter how much they resist and censor the opposition, it is gradually rising to critical mass and will no longer be able to be resisted.

Because the globalists resist common sense.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.


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