When a NY Times Correspondent Says ISIS Claims About Las Vegas Shooter May Be Credible – DC Better Consider It

There is a term thrown around wildly these days which use to be the ultimate put down. “Conspiracy Theory” was the sucker punch for anyone promoting a story outside of the Establishment group think. Unfortunately for those thinking they’ve got a slam dunk insult, just like Hillary Clinton’s objective political judgment, using it hasn’t aged well.

Three years ago, anyone who suggested the Obama administration would use the FISA courts and Intelligence Community as a political tool would have been dismissed as pushing a conspiracy theory. Heck, all the Democrats in DC did just that six months ago. Oops! So when a New York Times correspondent says ISIS claims about the Las Vegas shooter may be credible, DC as a whole better consider it.

Rukmini Callimachi covers ISIS for the Times. Before that, she was the West African bureau chief for the AP for seven years. She posted a thread of tweets yesterday well worth the time to scan through them:

Rukmini Callimachi on Twitter

1. After ISIS claimed Vegas, I was waiting for them to release Naba, their weekly newsletter, to see if anything new emerged. Naba is out:

For those whose groupthink flatly rejects considering what is said above because of who she works for (bias runs both ways) or the fact “informed sources in DC” (cough*Andrew McCabe*cough) told ABC news last night there are no links, please feel free to motor on over to your choice of programming (pun intended).

Everyone else should note this “report” was made via a Twitter thread because it doesn’t fit into the New York Times Narrative.


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