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Why the Left believes American society is and always has been a terrorist white supremacist enterprise

An outstanding and provocative piece over at The Federalist takes on the White Privilege of Terrorism:

So who is a terrorist? How do we fill this dictionary entry? Here is what I believe progressives mean when they call any white man who commits a mass shooting a terrorist. When we talk about terrorists, we talk about networks. Was the individual connected to a terrorist network? The network in question for white men who commit mass shootings is American society. The argument is that American society is and always has been a terrorist white supremacist enterprise.

This is a vision of America that defies even the slightest scrutiny. This is a nation that has embraced diversity as few if any other nations ever have. We have not been immune to terror, even homegrown terror. The lynchings of the Klu Klux Klan are a permanent stain on our nation’s history. But they are that, a stain, a small mark on the greater fabric of a society that has made real the wildest dreams of freedom and inclusion.

The Left likes to claim that we only call people of color terrorists. This would come as a surprise to the very white people in the Irish Republican Army, who were regularly referred to as terrorists by our politicians and mass media. No, the mantle of terrorist has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, or religion. Terror is an attempt to influence a political process by threatening the people involved. Or it is at the very least an attempt to target individuals on the basis of their identity.

It’s the logical End Game Scenario of Identity Politics, Leftist Style.


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