Las Vegas Shooter’s Brother: “It did not take a Village for Steve. Steve was an ARMS… I’m Sorry… Please Don’t Use This…”

Stephen Paddock's Brother

Was Stephen Paddock’s brother about to say he was an arms dealer?

Transcript of the video:

“Steve had no help, Steve didn’t take help. It did not take a village for Steve. Steve was an arms…

*mental break*

I’m sorry…

Please don’t…

I’m using a colloquial…”

Guys he was using the colloquial term “arms dealer.” What would be the formal terminology for it? Weapons sales? Terrorist Gun Broker? Antifa Discounts R Us? ISIS Long Arm Marketing?

What else could the brother be accidentally revealing in this interview?

Something big is going down, the FBI has totally taken over the investigation and is tamping down on all information. The official story is falling apart as more and more evidence comes in, the brother is cracking under pressure, the girlfriend is lying, law enforcement is lying about when the shooter checked in, there is still no motive assigned to the shooter with ISIS representatives repeatedly saying the guy converted to Islam six months ago, and the only clear assertion from the press conference today was that the police don’t believe there was a second shooter.


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