Las Vegas Police Prove Michael Bennett Lied About Racism Charges


  1. Back on September 7th I was the only person brave enough to point out something important — Michael Bennett was lying about most of the claims of racism he had levied against Las Vegas police. As the rest of the sports media fell all over themselves to condemn the Las Vegas police, I actually reviewed the evidence and pointed out that Bennett’s story didn’t add up.

And for that I was ridiculed and called racist by thousands online.

But, guess what, when I know I’m right, I don’t run from critics, I double and triple down.

The title of my piece didn’t tip toe up to my opinion either, it was straightforward and direct — Michael Bennett Is Lying.

Yesterday afternoon the Las Vegas police, after reviewing 193 different videos of that night, released a two minute video that proves their officers didn’t racially profile Bennett, didn’t use excessive force, and treated Bennett with respect throughout their interaction. (Bennett’s defenders, a tiny group compared to the people who initially believed him, are complaining because this video is edited, but that’s because it’s spliced together from multiple cameras to give a coherent picture of what transpired that night.)

I want you to watch this video right now before you read anything else from me.


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