Is Jerry Jones Trying to Push Out Roger Goodell?

This is long overdue, in my opinion. Jerry Jones is reportedly trying to unseat Roger Goodell:

The influential Cowboys owner was a leader of a 17-owner conference call Thursday discussing whether they could halt a pending contract extension for the commissioner, according to an ESPN report Sunday.

Jones tried holding up the talks last month, according to Sports Business Daily, after Goodell slammed Ezekiel Elliott with a six-game suspension (a war that is now being waged in court). Amid another controversy this month — the national anthem saga has necessitated multiple owners-players meetings, as Goodell won’t mandate the players stand and Jones is threatening Cowboys onto their feet — Jones appears to be relaunching an attempt at dethroning the commissioner.

According to the report, the owners are unhappy with Goodell for a few reasons beyond the anthem, including how the NFL handled the relocation of teams to Los Angeles and (still) the league’s bungling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case.

“You don’t get to have this many messes over the years like Roger has had and survive it,” one owner said during the call, according to ESPN.

The league would need 24 owners to approve of Goodell’s firing, thus it is unlikely Jones can corral enough owners to overthrow a commissioner who has made them a lot of money. Yet, Goodell’s contract extension — a near certainty in September — still has not been finalized.

Jerry Jones is trying to save the NFL from itself, as it’s an organization that has made him a lot of money over the years, and I’m sure he’d like to continue making that money. The media has struggled mightily to deny it, but it’s bleedingly obvious that the NFL’s problems are centered almost entirely around continued player rejection of the fans.

Take a look at these empty stadium seats from Breitbart:


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