George W. Bush is Confused

I am very disappointed by George W. Bush’s speech. He is very confused as to who he is. Maybe he got up on the wrong side of his bed because he sounds like – horrors – a member of THE DREADED SWAMP!

He sounds like a Democrat and we all know what they are attracted to. The public dole. The money they can squeeze out of taxpayers. They are double talking, double sided Swamp Dwellers.

Is this really the man I voted for many years ago?

Was that his weak kneed brother who ran against President Trump in 2016?

Is his elderly old dad part of the Swamp too?

I’m shocked and horrified at how many “Republicans” are rolling over and becoming Democrats in action. If they walk like a Democrat and talk like a Democrat, well, maybe they really ARE Democrats.

They are like clever magicians practicing their dark arts who say “keep your eyes on the rabbit (the fake news), don’t watch my hands (I don’t investigate or check facts), and I can get away with anything – if I say it often enough. I will completely brainwash you, ridicule you, and lie about you, and the press will print it. I’ll rewrite history, and everything will become so blurred you will never figure it out.”

The key here is getting the attention of that blood thirsty fake press.

The press is like a pack of braying hounds trying to climb a tree to get to a squirrel. But guess what? That squirrel is already off to another tree, leaving those stupid hounds chasing their tails.

That clever squirrel is also armed, and can spray those witless hounds with tweets because he can see them. They can’t see him and haven’t a clue what a brilliant strategist he is. He’s laughing at them.

President Trump is the greatest President this country has ever had and I’m going back to Washington, Lincoln, Grant, and Reagan. Yes he’s the greatest.

He’s fighting a war of ideals against an established slimy group of swamp creatures. Makes me think the whole lot of them need to go home and get into another line of work. In particular, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and perhaps the biggest turncoat of all: John McCain.

Do all the rest of us a favor and just go home. Retire or get into a different line of work.

You are toxic to Freedom and poison to the the United States of America which is my land of the free and home of the brave. Go Home. You’re the Swamp and we know it.

George W. Bush is just one more proof that our country would have been doomed with a few more years of Barack Obama. It would have been an absolute disaster if Clinton got in. We all know she should be in jail as should Barack Obama and a lot of the members of his guard while he was in the White House.

Respectfully submitted,

Conservative Carol


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