Forensic Psychiatrist: Spectacle Killing of Dehumanized Trump Supporters UPDATE: Paddock had 200+reports of “suspicious activities”

This is the most important six minutes and twenty five seconds you will spend today. Dr. Michael Welner, M.D. on the third hour of Fox and Friends this morning broke down the motivations for the Mandalay Bay shooter including tie-ins to the Scalise shooting, the CBS legal executive fired for her comments and the constant dehumanization of gun enthusiasts & Trump supporters by the media. He classifies this as a Spectacle Killing by an older man and that ties back to political cause. Stick around to the end and watch for these statements:

“I think CNN is going to have to answer for how they demonize gun enthusiasts and how CNN actually contributes to mass shootings.”

“We don’t demonize mass killing enough and that’s why people feel they can do it for a cause.”

Here’s the link to the video:

UPDATE: YouTube link added. Hat tip to Human_Being


Personal commentary:

One of the key things which hasn’t made sense – Why did this nutcase have so many rifles in the suite?

Answer: He wanted to ‘start a conversation on gun control’ by having so many ‘assault rifles’ at the scene of the crime even though there was no way he needed or could use all of them. The sheer number was a key part of the spectacle he was creating.


Over 200 reports of suspicious activity:

As ABC News first reported Monday, Paddock recently sent tens of thousands of dollars to someone in the Philippines, where his girlfriend was at the time of the attack, and authorities are still trying to determine who received that money, sources familiar with the matter said.

In the last three years alone, more than 200 reports about Paddock’s activities, particularly large transactions at casinos, have been filed with law enforcement authorities, ABC News was told.

While some of the reports centered around “suspicious activity,” most were “currency transaction reports,” which casinos are required to file with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network when a person withdraws or deposits more than $10,000 in cash.
The number of reports prompted by Paddock’s activities reflects — at the very least — how routine it was for him to gamble with large sums of money.


Treasury Department “currency transaction reports” should have been the first thing to pop up when the FBI ran him through their system.

” most were “currency transaction reports,”

“Most” is not “all” – and the source apparently didn’t provide any data on what the “suspicious activity” outside of the currency transaction reports were. CTR’s are a known flag, he knew he was incurring them with withdrawals/deposits. Poker pros routinely keep a large amount of cash on hand so the Treasury can’t use CTR’s as a basis for flagging them to the IRS.


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