Fentanyl from China is Killing Thousands in the US

While the liberal media has politicized it and tried to blame Trump for it, the truth is the opioid crisis is a huge public health problem.

The Baltimore Sun has a huge expose on just how intractable the problem is:

In a laboratory somewhere in China, a chemist is producing the fentanyl that will kill an opioid user in Maryland.

Within China’s vast drug industry, which produces much of the global supply of pharmaceutical ingredients, laboratories are taking advantage of cheap labor and lax oversight from Beijing to churn out new versions of the cheap, powerful and often deadly synthetic opioid faster than U.S. authorities can identify, classify and ban them.

From China — the largest producer of fentanyl worldwide — the drug is sent daily by plane or ship to Mexico, where traffickers and truckers push it along well-worn paths of illicit narcotics north to the United States. In Baltimore and other cities, well-established gangs push the powder and pills to consumers.

Overdoses linked to fentanyl pushed overall drug- and alcohol-related deaths last year above 2,000 in Maryland and 60,000 across the country, making intoxication the leading cause of death for Americans under age 50.

Baltimore accounts for about a third of the overdose deaths in Maryland. But deaths are up in every region of the state, and among every age group, race and gender.

A federal review released earlier this year found Maryland had the nation’s highest rate of hospitalizations for opioid use, a finding emergency doctors attributed in part to an enduring heroin culture. Hospitals have begun training users and others to administer naloxone and steer people to treatment.

“With China leading fentanyl production, Mexico serving as the main source of illicit heroin for American markets and the U.S. experiencing a nationwide opioid epidemic,” the Maryland lawmaker said, “Baltimore and communities across the United States cannot resolve this crisis on our own.”

Say, maybe a wall between the US and Mexico might make it harder for these drugs to get past our southern border? How about it, Congress?


Written by Doomberg

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