FEMA Chief “Filters Out Political Noise” From San Juan Mayor

Puerto Rico Hoarding Supplies

Despite the media’s increasingly desperate attempts to turn Puerto Rico into “Trump’s Katrina,” they appear to be going nowhere as the public and the government tunes out the screeching from San Juan’s idiotic mayor:

The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Sunday said FEMA has “filtered out” ongoing criticism about the agency’s response to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico from San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, calling it “political noise.”

“We filtered out the mayor a long time ago. We don’t have time for the political noise,” FEMA administrator Brock Long told ABC News when asked about early morning tweets by Cruz.

“Power collapses in San Juan hospital with 2 patients being transferred out. Have requested support from @FEMA_Brock NOTHING! @cnnbrk,” Cruz wrote.

But Long insisted that the agency is focused on the recovery and said there will be a “greater conversation” with Congress about rebuilding the United States territory.

“As far as the political noise, we filter that out, keep our heads down and continue to make progress and push forward restoring essential functions for Puerto Rico,” he said.

As I’ve said in previous posts, the political landscape is very different than it was during the Bush presidency. The first issue is that the public is increasingly tuning the media out; if it was not, Trump would have been unelectable.

The second issue is that Trump didn’t roll over for the media and beg for mercy. Surrender to the Democrats and the media was a constant hallmark of the Bush administration. Trump, on the other hand, actually fights back and is willing to call the media out when it lies. His supporters almost always appreciate this. Media attacks often collapse after just a few weeks.

Finally, Puerto Rico is an island far to the south in the Caribbean, and in spite of it being a part of the US, I’ve always believed that most Americans don’t really look upon Puerto Ricans as countrymen, and vice versa (some Puerto Ricans refer to Americans as “colonists” or “colonizers”).

I think the Puerto Rico attacks against Trump are going to be abandoned soon, and the media will go back to pretending the territory doesn’t exist. The head of FEMA is correct; it’s just political noise.


Written by Doomberg

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