Dominica’s Tourist Areas Already Reopening for Business

Puerto Rico Hoarding Supplies

I’m not sure how well these resorts are going to perform given the level of destruction in the country as a whole, but I continue to be fascinated by the contrast of Caribbean nations like Dominica already trying to get their economy working while Puerto Rico continues to flounder with no power, lack of access to aid and food, blocked roads, and political corruption:

Of course, that doesn’t mean Dominica is out of the woods yet either:

Despite the hard hit from Hurricane Maria last month, Dominica’s tourism sector is getting back on track, with some properties open for business.

Prior to the September 18 direct hit by Maria, there were 73 properties with 909 guest rooms. As of Tuesday, 64 of those properties had been reassessed for hurricane damage and 32 of them were found to be “moderately damaged and able to operate now or in the near future”, according to the Discover Dominica Authority.

It added that 27 properties have been severely damaged or destroyed, with serious to total destruction of structures including roofs, electrical and plumbing. Wi-Fi is not available in most cases. The properties that suffered moderate damage account for 51 percent of the total room stock or 467 guestrooms.

“While some of our accommodations and sites have been damaged by hurricane Maria, our welcoming spirit has not been deterred. Many within the hospitality sector have regrouped and welcome voluntourism visitors,” the Authority said.


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