Direct Government Censorship Is Coming to the West

While Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all run by fanatic leftists, most of them recognize that their business model depends heavily on freedom of speech and free speech. If people can’t post their views on the internet without getting their tweets and Facebook pages deleted by some government stooge, then they will stop using the service and go elsewhere.

The tech companies have therefore been in an uncomfortable position for the last few years where they quietly try to harass the most prominent conservatives off their respective services in order to help The Cause™ while trying to prevent a broader stampede of average conservative posters and viewers so they can continue to make money.

However, this is not enough for most governments, who are gearing up to start mandating direct censorship since they have convinced themselves that social media is somehow responsible for various populist uprisings:

Facebook and Google could be forced to uphold the same standards as newspapers and other publications as part of a Government crackdown, it has emerged.

Ministers are looking at whether to classify social media giants as publications instead of communication platforms, which would bind them to strict rules and make them responsible for everything they host.

The measures are part of a crackdown on internet giants amid fears young people are increasingly at risk when using the internet.

Under current rules sites like Facebook cannot be sued for the content posted on their sites because it is published by an individual or group, unlike newspapers and other publishers which are held fully responsible.

Campaigners have long been calling for a change in the law as they believe it would force social media companies to take racist, sexist, terrorist material and child pornography posted on their platforms more seriously.

Remember folks, when the media is talking about “racist sexist bigoted terrorists” it’s not talking about ACTUAL racists or terrorists, it’s talking about average conservatives. Reading between the lines, it’s clear to me the British government does not want people exposed to conservative content on Facebook or other platforms, and then going out and casting votes for Brexit or Nigel Farage. They want to have a total monopoly on the ideas the populace, especially school-aged children, are exposed to.

This censorship push did not really start growing until after Donald Trump’s election campaign and the victory of the Brexiters, and it’s impossible not to see a connection. It’s just that Western governments are using ISIS and Russia as excuses to arrange a formal system of censorship. For those who are wondering why the US media is publishing hysterical, screaming headlines in the US about Russian ads on Facebook, it is because they are trying to lay the groundwork for more direct censorship of the social media giants and eventually the entire internet.

The censorship push is even more aggressive in Germany, where the Bundestag recently passed a law that will fine Facebook in the event that they fail to ban “hate speech” and “fake news” quickly enough. I’m sure everyone reading this understands how “hate speech” and “fake news” will be defined by Germany’s government.

For a number of years, we have seen disturbing polls that millennials have serious doubts about free speech, and it seems that has created fertile soil for these new attacks on freedom of speech by the governments of the West. As millennials enter public service in increasing numbers, I expect these views to be put into practice.


Written by Doomberg

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