Did A Risky FBI Sting Go Bad Killing 58 & the Invisible Man?

At the beginning of last week, we reviewed the facts demonstrating Stephen Paddock must have been an Invisible Man (he doesn’t show up on video). Despite having been the subject of over 200 reports of suspicious activities in the last three years, apparently no one paid any attention to one of the most successful gamblers in Las Vegas. This week, we are going to address the question: Did A Risky FBI Sting Go Bad Killing 58 & the Invisible Man?

October 17th saw the most important announcement of the Mandalay Bay Shooting investigation; Sheriff Lombardo’s office announced they would no longer be holding press conferences about the shooting absent any major developments.


The Incurious Mainstream Media

Wait? … What? The largest mass shooting event in American history and the most incompetent investigative team in the history of the world gets to walk away from the public’s right to know?

This set off the largest media firestorm in history as the mainstream media went into a feeding frenzy of attacks on the Sheriff’s office, the Attorney General’s office, the FBI. DHS and ATF for the unmitigated gall

Oops! Yeah, none of that happened but the media did make the centerpiece of the week about an empty barrel of a Congresswoman, whose fashion choices would have embarrassed Liberace, and her provable lie about remarks she only partly heard President Trump make to the widow and her family.

To be fair, Fox’s primetime anchors remain more than interested in the Mandalay Bay shooting. Here is Tucker Carlson On October 25th revealing his team has learned Jesus Campos left the United States immediately after the shooting:

CC on Twitter

Disturbing “Why have so many people gone to so much trouble to shape the story of Jesus Campos?” #Tucker #LasVegas

It would have been nice if Tucker had given Laura Loomer on screen credit for being the source on Campos not being licensed as a security guard in Nevada but it may just be an oversight.

What isn’t an oversight is the largest group of eyewitnesses to mass murder in history (> 22,000) has yielded virtually zero interviews (I’ve seen a total of 5 myself but they were puff pieces with no investigative questions being asked). Let’s chalk 21,950 of those folks as being either too drunk, too frightened or just basically clueless to be of value to interviewed.

We know, however, there were a number of off-duty LEO’s and veterans in the crowd who kept their wits about them and rendered first aid and evacuation to the wounded. The veterans are of particular interest because they have experience with having to locate someone shooting at them in the dark from an unknown location with automatic weapons fire. What these people have to say is critical because they also have experience identifying when they are under fire from multiple assailants.

Has anyone seen an in depth news interview with any of these people? I haven’t though I have listened to some gentlemen who called into various radio talk shows claiming to have been in the crowd. If you are aware of a detailed interview with any of the veterans in the crowd, please leave a link in the comments so I can follow up on that aspect.

The clearest sign of the incuriosity of the mainstream media is shown by this graph from Google Trends. It confirms something I knew was happening before the 14 day mark after the shooting; as if someone had turned off a switch – the MSM lost all interest in the massacre:

This may not seem abnormal to many because during the Obama administration, the MSM was very heavily “disciplined” for pursuing stories the administration didn’t want to see on the news. The SOP was for a “high ranking White House official” to call up the Executive VP of News and scream obscenities for half an hour before slamming down the phone.

Like Pavlov’s dogs, once conditioned to this type of behavior, it no longer took a very powerful person to shut down news coverage – the Deputy Director of the FBI would be more than sufficient to choke off news coverage, as an example. Most people wouldn’t notice the absence of coverage per se, because like the news media, they too have been conditioned into being incurious.


The Lead Investigators, Sheriff Lombardo and Others

Ostensibly, the investigation is/was being led by Sheriff Lombardo, a 30 year veteran of the force, and other members of the LVMPD. The press conferences suggest the strain of the investigation was, at the very least, causing an incredible amount of stress for Sheriff Joe Lombardo:

October 2, 2017

LVMPD Sheriff Briefs Media Regarding Active Shooter 10/2/2017

Sheriff Joe Lombardo held a media briefing regarding the active shooter incident at the Las Vegas Strip.

October 4, 2017

Las Vegas Update. Officials, LVMPD. new details. press conference. Oct 4, 2017

Las Vegas Update. Officials, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo. new details. press conference. October 4, 2017.

October 9, 2017 – Anybody notice what’s missing?

Las Vegas Update. Officials, LVMPD press conference. October 9, 2017 Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

Las Vegas Update. Officials, LVMPD. press conference. October 9, 2017. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo. new details.

October 13, 2017 – watch the Sheriff’s body language and facial expressions

Las Vegas Update. LVMPD press conference. October 13, 2017. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo new details

Las Vegas Update. LVMPD press conference. October 13, 2017. Sheriff Joseph Lombardo new details.

The Sheriff, during the last press conference, has significantly less self assurance and is very defensive – even of his revised timeline, of which he should have the greatest confidence. The Sheriff essentially relinquishes the lead of the investigation to Aaron Rouse during the press conference.

Media inquiries since the announcement of no further press conferences have been made to the Police Information Officer of the LVMPD. Multiple media sources have reported being cut off on even the most seemingly innocent questions by the PIO. This would be unacceptable from any member of the LEO community. The PIO exhibiting that sort of behavior should be immediately relieved from acting as the Information Officer.


aaron rouse fbi las vegas stephen paddock

FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Las Vegas Office Aaron Rouse

If there was ever a “Least Charismatic FBI Agent” contest, SAC Aaron Rouse would win it hands down. He is in all of the videos posted above. When he speaks, it’s as if he chose his words to have the least possible impact and importance. The man is a close to a generic human being as you may ever come across. He seems like the perfect bureaucrat – innocuous, barely competent and somewhat out of focus.

The reality is exactly the opposite. Here is listing of SAC Rouse’s assignments within the FBI. Items in bold are mine and indicate Intelligence or Counter-Intelligence positions held within the FBI.

Mr. Rouse began his career with the FBI in September 1996, and was first assigned to the Washington Field Office (WFO) where he worked violent crime and was on both the Joint Fugitive Task Force and the Violent Crime/Reactive squads.

In July 2002, Mr. Rouse was chosen to join the expanding National Security Branch at WFO and worked the asymmetric threat posed by a top tier threat country.

In January 2005, Mr. Rouse became a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) in the Counterintelligence Division at FBIHQ and worked as a Program Manager for Counterespionage matters.

In April 2007, Mr. Rouse was selected as the senior liaison to the newly established Community HUMINT Coordination Center at CIA Headquarters. In this position he de-conflicted HUMINT enabled operations worldwide for not only the FBI, but for all federal agencies regarding Counterintelligence, Counterterrorism and Criminal matters.

In April 2009, Mr. Rouse was promoted and served as an SSA and Program Coordinator for Counterintelligence in the Tampa Division.

In January 2013, Mr. Rouse received a promotion and served as the National Security Branch Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the San Antonio Division.

In October 2014, Mr. Rouse was appointed as the Section Chief for the Clandestine Operations Section in the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters.

Prior to entering the FBI, Mr. Rouse was a state trooper in the New York State Police.

SAC Aaron Rouse, in old fashioned vernacular, is a “spook”. Until being assigned as the SAC for Las Vegas, he spent 14 years being appointed to positions of increasing responsibility within the FBI’s Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence organizations. In point of fact, looking at his resume the first question anyone would ask is,

“How did someone with such a strong intelligence/counter-intelligence end up assigned as the administrator of a field office so far from D.C.?”

There is no discernible misstep on his resume or in public record to suggest the executive management of the FBI had chosen to send him off to the boonies for some grievous error – like chewing with his mouth open or such. A quick review of the FBI organization chart provide some information that may be pertinent – the National Security Branch reports directly to the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe.

It’s an open question why someone with 14 years of intelligence/counter-intelligence experience is sent to Las Vegas … but there is another coincidence which makes the question even more important.

The FBI in Nevada has a new special agent in charge.

Aaron Rouse began Monday as the top administrator of the Las Vegas division.

Rouse has 20 years of FBI experience, and served most recently as section chief in the bureau’s headquarters counterintelligence division.

He replaces Laura Bucheit, who left in July to become security division assistant director to FBI Director James Comey. Bucheit spent three years in charge of the Las Vegas office.

Excuse me? The SAC from the Las Vegas office is being promoted to the number two position in the National Security Branch? Wow, she must have some amazing credentials to land that important of a position, right?

If you scroll down, it’s more of the usual fraud and racketeering arrests people generally associate with the FBI. Let’s click on that first item, though and see what that shows us.

Laura Bucheit’s most significant public assignment was as special assistant to former FBI Director Robert Muellerhow interesting. Well, maybe the National Security Branch of the FBI isn’t as important as they make it out to be:

The FBI created the National Security Branch (NSB) in September 2005 in response to a presidential directive to establish a “National Security Service” that combines the missions, capabilities, and resources of the FBI’s counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and intelligence elements under the leadership of a senior FBI official. Executive Assistant Director Carl Ghattas has been leading the NSB since February 2017.

Mission: Detect, deter, and disrupt national security threats to the United States and its interests.

Vision: Develop and implement a strategic approach to protecting the United States’ national security interests.

This is all the usual “government speak” which says things in important tones while giving the average human being virtually nothing they can understand. Fortunately, down at the bottom of the same webpage, the NSB News touts some of the organizations recent achievements.

So, being assigned to the number two position in the NSB is a Big Deal. I wonder what professional accomplishments SAC Bucheit has accomplished which the FBI is not revealing to the public? As we learned with the details released on Uranium One, the FBI is perfectly willing to not only keep things from the public, Mueller himself was willing to not inform the Congress of material information related to public matters even though he is required to do so under penalty of law.

The National Security Branch of the FBI is the group responsible for identifying individuals likely to engage in terrorism or other actions it deems risks to the United States. These are the folks hanging out in ISIS chat rooms, the Dark Net and real world places like casinos where people may be laundering money to serve as funding for groups and individuals who mean the country harm.

The National Security Branch has been frequently questioned by Congress on whether they are creating more terrorists than would otherwise naturally occur because their agents routinely lead or even push individuals who show an interest in our enemies’ goals into committing acts for which the NSB can arrest them.


Stephen Paddock Shooting Where is the video surveillance

Stephen Paddock, The Invisible Man

In the last article I posited one of two things had to be true regarding Stephen Pollock:

Barring complete incompetence far beyond anything demonstrated by any Federal agency to date (yes, that’s true despite all the FBI’s political corruption issues) there are only two explanations for Stephen Paddock being an invisible man:

He was a pawn in a much larger criminal or terrorist enterprise who laundered money as part of his job description but was allowed to continue while Federal agencies gathered information from and about the larger enterprise.

Or …

He was a willing agent of the government working undercover in a much larger criminal or terrorist enterprise and he laundered money as part of his job description while serving as a human intelligence asset.

The only problem with either of those two explanations is Stephen Paddock stopped being an invisible man and has been identified by the investigating authorities as the sole person responsible for the largest mass murder in American history. This does not mean one of those explanations isn’t true.

Given SAC Aaron Rouse’s 14 years of professional experience in the FBI prior to his Las Vegas assignment and having little public information on Assistant Director Bucheit’s qualifications for her current position, the question Congressional oversight committees should seek to answer is:

Did A Risky FBI Sting Go Bad Killing 58 & the Invisible Man?


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