Czech Republic 2017 Election: The Pro EU and Leftist Parties Are Left Devastated

The votes are in, the ballots are counted, and the biggest winners from the Czech election were anti-European Union, right wing parties. The ANO, SPD, and ODS center-right and right wing parties took over 52% of the vote.

ANO, the party run by billionaire Andrej Babiš and the man the media dubbed the Trump of the Czech Republic, took home the lion’s share of the vote totals today. Nearly 30% of the electorate voted for his party, which was nearly 20 points higher than his next closest competitor.

The center-right ODS and right wing SPD parties each took 11% of the vote. Both are strongly anti-EU parties, with the SPD also mirroring the UKIP and the AFD immigration stances.

The victory of the right in the Czech Republic was so large that with the rest of the smaller center-right/right wing parties included (TOP9, STAN, and KDU-CSL), the vote total moves up to near 70% of the vote.

Unfortunately, the Civic Democrats (ODS) told Mr. Babiš that they will not form a coalition with his party to form the government, leaving ANO to seek coalition partners elsewhere in the other eight parties that have made it past the 5% minimum vote percentage to qualify for seats in Parliament.

The second-place Civic Democratic Party has reportedly refused to enter coalition talks with Mr Babiš’s ANO.

However Mr Babis was has pledged to speak with all of his eight rival parties with a view to forming a government.

He told supporters: “I believe we will build a government that will be one team.

“We want to fulfil our programme for a better life in our country.”

The other problem for ANO is that they fought against the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) who they were joined in a coalition with the Socialists. They will likely be reluctant to form a coalition with ANO.


Czech Election Pro/Anti-EU Political Parties Seat Results 2017

Czech Election Pro Anti EU Political Parties Results 2017
The Results of the election separated out by Pro/Anti-European Union Stances and by governing ideology.


What Happened to the Left?

The two left wing parties, the socialists (CSSD) and the communists (KSCM), both lost badly when the votes were counted. They went from having a total of 83 seats down to a dismal 30 (15 each) total seats after the votes were counted today.

The biggest losses came from the socialists, who lost over 13% of the vote from the 2014 general election and lost a total of 35 seats. They’ve been reduced to 6th party status, only just beating out the smaller regional and fringe parties.

The right wing and populist views of Mr. Babiš snatched up the loosely attached voters for the socialists and allowed his party to overtake them.

The Newest Entry onto the Field, the Freedom and Direct Democracy Party [SPD]

Tomio Okamura SPD Czech Election 2017
The Face of the Modern Nazi.
-the Left

The Freedom and Direct Democracy Party is analogous to the Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party, Alternative for Germany, Geert Wilders Party for Freedom, etc.

It is an anti-EU party and against their programs that result in the forced acceptance of thousands of immigrants from the Muslim world.

The party is strongly anti Islamic and was strongly attacked by most of the establishment class in the Czech Republic.

The SPD leader, Tomio Okamura is a Japanese-Czech businessman who founded Dawn of Direct Democracy and the Freedom and Direct Democracy party.

No Islam SPD Czech Republic
No Islam, No Terrorism

He directed his supporters to walk pigs next to mosques and demanded no involvement with the “multicultural European superstate” that only “dictates to us.”

His newest party managed to nearly double his previous totals from the previous election, giving his party 22 seats in the upcoming parliament.


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