The Chronicles of the Trump, Chapter Two

1.       Fireth them sons of bitches! Sayeth the Trump

2. The shot heard round the National Football League ringeth true and flieth straight through the groin of Clown Prince Goodell . Yea, it cutteth  him to the bone and exposeth the nakedness of his game.

3.       For not long ago, the Clown Prince refuseth to let a team honor its slain officers, and threateneth to fine players  for honoring victims of 9-11. Buy now, he smileth with those who dishonor  this nations flag and Anthem, and the people who support this nation and its heroes and everyday people

4.       His hatred for Trump pusheth him to mock The Trump, and trieth to destroy him with his felonious felons.

5.       And the players mocketh Trump: Ray Rice hitteth another mans wife.  Several players knocketh up   another whore  and claim their 8th child with 7 women.  Rapelisberger rapeth again, but yea, this time he rapeth the veteran and the freedoms it bringeth to those  who love her. 

6.       But yea, The Trump causeth the sales to drop. The money drieth up, and the sponsor showeth their concerns and droppeth players as spokespeople, as a dog droppeth a turd on the grass and covereth it.

7.       And the people submit burnt offerings to show their displeasure at the darkness that infested their screens. They openly flaunt their displeasure at the people who spit on them, yet the rich man cannot understand the anger of the serf.

8.       And The Trump hath started to reign fire and brimstone upon the NFL, and great will be the catastrophe that ensueth.

9.       And in the midst of all, a slaughter occureth in the Neon lights of the City of Sin.

10.   For behold! A murderer bringeth death upon peaceful people from above, and great was the fear that ruled the people there.

11.   People dieth , and their blood spilleth to the ground, crying for vengeance upon the one who killeth them.

12.   Evil liveth amongst us, yet the liberal turneth away its gaze from it. Yea, they loveth death and stike to take advantage of it.

13.   But in the field of death, honor. In a time of horror, heroics.  Ina time of chaos, duty to one another.  For the people helpeth one another using themselves as shields to protect the wounded, yea, they rescueth the fallen. They bringeth them to doctors by any means possible. 

14.   Here, the Human Spirit strove to save people, not kill them. A sense of honor amongst themselves to help those who need it.

15.   And responders  attacketh the Deliverer of evil, and wounded, one was . And the killer taketh his own life. 

16.   And the hospitals flowed with the blood of the patriot. Innocent blood sheddeth to the ground  and the doctors performeth miracles to save who they could. The nurse calmed and comfortheth those in pain

17.   But they liberal laugheth to scorn against those who perished. Verily verily, I say unto you: they delighteth in the death of a moral people. They delighteth in the death of their enemies, and yea, we are their enemies. 

18.   They speweth hate towards us. They speweth their lies and seek to take our liberties away. They seek not only to rule over us, but to end us.

19.   And many questions remaineth to be answered, and there are many thoughts as to why.  But we may never know, because our Rulers  lieth to us all. Yea, they refuseth to give information to the people to make their own conclusions, as they believeth we are possessed by a dumb spirit.

20.   And it goes on to this hour, that we knoweth not the reason why it happened

21.   But The Trump moveth to Sin City, and comforteth those he meets, and great was the response to him, so much that one standeth to show respect, even though his leg was shot. He refuseth to feel sorrow for himself, but yea, a strong one  he is, to rise and meet Trump and his Angel.

22.   And the battle rageth on in the land and in the hearts of men. The tension riseth up. The liberal stoketh the flames of hate, to drive us into darkness, to divide us amongst ourselves.  Gird up thy loins Spartans, for the battle will be fierce. Sharpen thy swords and check thy firearms, for this battle is truly enjoined.

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