CARICOM Fears ISIS Remnants May Have a Presence in Trinidad

The Caribbean Community, or CARICOM, is essentially a small-sized version of the European Union for the Caribbean; it acts as a trading bloc and also a forum for the islands to discuss political issues.

A recent topic of discussion for CARICOM is ISIS fighters returning to Trinidad:

Fears are growing Western holidaymakers will be targeted in terror attacks by depraved terrorists who have travelled back to Trinidad and Tobago from the beaten caliphate.

So much so, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is currently taking measures to prevent fighters from returning to the islands, located southeastern from the United States, into a platform from which terrorist attacks can be organised.

When quizzed over the risk of jihadis returning, Minister of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago at the CARICOM replied: “It is not a matter of yes but when.”

The warning comes amid fears fighters will be able to travel between most of the Caribbean islands without a visa, meaning reaching the Bahamas would leave any terrorist just a step away from Florida.

Describing the islands as the terror group’s “unthinking seedbed”, he told New York Times: “Per capita, Trinidad has the greatest number of foreign fighters from the Western Hemisphere who have joined the Islamic State.”

“Trinidadians do very well with ISIL.

Sparta Report highlighted the problem of Trinidad being used as a transit point to Syria several months ago.

Trinidad was the only country in the Western Hemisphere which faced an effort by radical Islamists to overthrow its government. In 1990, the coup attempt was lead by Yasin Abu Bakr and his Jamaat al Muslimeen group when they stormed the country’s parliament and took the prime minister and his cabinet hostage. The army resisted the coup attempt, but as part of the deal to end the coup, Bakr and his followers were allowed to go free after six days in exchange for releasing the hostages.

Bakr still remains a free man in Trinidad today. 5% of Trinidad’s population is Muslim, per the CIA World Factbook.

I hope someone in the Trump administration is watching this situation. It would be catastrophic if ISIS was allowed to re-establish itself in the Caribbean.


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