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BREAKING: Assistant to Las Vegas Shooter Confirmed?! Two Key Findings Just Announced UPDATE: Drudge Links to InfoWars Report Saying Shooter Made ISIS Propaganda

Someone had access to the room when Paddock left the hotel and used his keycard. The investigators also found a cell phone charger for a phone that was not found on the scene.

Combine these new facts with the prior claims by the Las Vegas Police Sheriff that they were looking into the possibility of an accomplice, we have the possibility of a very dangerous situation on our hands. America could have a mass murderer on the loose.

It sure looks like there were accomplice(s) with Stephen Paddock in the hotel:

Investigators are trying to determine whether someone else was in the Las Vegas gunman’s hotel room when he was registered there, senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation told NBC News.

The investigators are puzzled by two discoveries: First, a charger was found that does not match any of the cellphones that belonged to the gunman, Stephen Paddock.

And second, garage records show that during a period when Paddock’s car left the hotel garage, one of his key cards was used to get into his room.

NBC News grasps at straws here trying to dance around the subject, trying to find anything else to explain why these things could have possibly happened/exist:

There are several possible explanations for these anomalies, the investigators say, but they want to get to the bottom of it.

The accomplice would have had plenty of time to evacuate with the two out of the three stairwells under Paddock’s control:

10:05pm: First shots fired by the suspect

10:12pm: First officers arrived on the 31st floor and announced gunfire coming from above them

10:15pm: Last shots fired by the suspect

10:17pm: First two officers arrive on the 32nd floor of the hotel, where Paddock’s room was

10:18pm: Security officer tells the officers he was shot and gives the exact location of the suspect’s room

10:26-10:30pm: Eight additional officers arrive on the 32nd floor and begin to move systematically down the hallway, clearing each room and looking for injured people

10:55pm: Eight officers arrive at the stairwell in the opposite ends of the hallway nearest the suspect’s room

11:20pm: The first breach was off and officers entered the suspect’s room, where he was seen lying on the ground

Next they highlight that the investigators are looking into his finances, where he made a whopping $5 million dollars in 2015.

They are also examining his finances. IRS records show that Paddock was a successful gambler, earning at least $5 million in 2015. Some of that could be from other investments, but most of it was from gambling, officials say.

The DEA had this guy under 24 hour surveillance for possible laundering of drug money with that sort of income from gambling (roughly $4 million out of the $5 million reported income) as standard operating procedure.

It is also standard operating procedure jor the Treasury Department to start an automated report on any indiividual who does large wire transfers into and out of the country. That report is then distributed to the other IC agencies.

HUGE red flag to DEA, DHS and others – you will be surveiled.

If you file a tax return with millions of dollars in claimed gambling winnings? Which by the way, if you are winning MILLIONS of dollars in Vegas, you WILL be widely known in Vegas – not some anonymous schlub.

It would also be the standard operating procedure of the Treasury Department to be watching him, with him wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas and the revelation that he had over 200 suspicious activities report.  Their findings would have been sent to the FBI and other domestic intelligence agencies. Like in the Boston bombing case, were these findings ignored?

UPDATE: Now Laura Loomer is Saying on Twitter that Law Enforcement Lied

They lied about the check-in date and gave the wrong license plate numbers out to the general public:


Also interesting, was someone working in the hotel helping the shooter?

UPDATE: Marilou Danley Lied?

Marilou Danley fled the home in August. Suzy Page, their next door neighbor recounts the weird activities Paddock and Danley were involved in:

“I lived next door to him and his girlfriend and never once got as much as a smile out of him.

“They had barely any furniture in the house and nothing in the yard, the shades were always down and it was like they were not even living there.

“I never heard music, conversation and never once saw them have friends over.

“He would keep his face down, avoid all conversation and was just very unfriendly and strange.”

Another neighbour from the same exclusive retirement community in Reno, who did not want to be named, said: “I saw the safe and it was literally the size of a refrigerator.

“We would all wonder what on earth he kept in there, but nobody could ever ask as he was not the kind of man who engaged with anyone.

“Occasionally he would work out early in the morning at the community gym, but never ever does anyone here remember him having a friendly word to say to anyone.”

Mrs Page also revealed how Paddock, 64, fled town after buying a new silver minivan at the start of August.

And just two weeks later she said she watched as girlfriend Marilou Danley packed her things into her car before also leaving.

Mrs Page added: “I remember at the start of August looking out of my window and seeing Stephen pull up in a brand new huge silver minivan.

“But just a few days later he left the house in it and was never seen again.

“I thought the whole situation was even weirder when two weeks later I then look out of my window again to see Marilou stuffing her car full of all her belongings.”

“Over the course of three or four days it was like she was moving her entire life out of the house.”

“She packed so much stuff not only was her car full, but it was also tied to the top of her car.”

“After a few days of packing she too pulled out of the driveway and was never seen again.”

“It was all very strange.”

Yet she told the authorities that this was a surprise to her:

Danley said that, more than two weeks ago, Paddock told her he had bought a plane ticket for her to fly to her native Philippines, saying he wanted her to visit her family.

While she was in the Philippines, Danley said, Paddock wired her money that he said was for her to buy a house for her and her family.

Danley said she was grateful but “worried” that the unexpected trip home and the money “was a way of breaking up with me.”

Paddock had recently wired $100,000 to the Philippines, a US law enforcement source confirmed to CNN this week.

Why is this a surprise when she was packing to leave in August?

UPDATE: Drudge Links to InfoWars Report Saying Shooter Made ISIS Propaganda Videos

He states that the shooter had help preparing, but that it was Stephen Paddock alone who did the shooting:

“I’m being told the video basically speaks about a network, they wouldn’t tell me directly if it was ISIS but they threw little hints that it was,” Brower told Infowars.

“The reason the video more than likely is never released is because they believe it will trigger the “cells” he speaks of,” according to Brower.

“There should be a statement on motive soon,” he added, “They believe he was inspired by ISIS.”

He also claims that there was a second person who helped Paddock plot the attack that the gunman was seen with three days prior to the massacre. This individual left before the shooting began, according to Brower. Hotel receipts suggest that Paddock was with another person days before the shooting.

UPDATE: ISIS Linked Terrorists Wanted to Target Concert Venues Since 2016

Breaking within the last hour. A Canadian man, US citizen based in Pakistan, and a Philippines citizen plotting to bomb Times Square, target the New York subway system, and targeting concert venues.

They wanted to “shoot up concerts because they’ll kill a lot of people.”

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