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On a warm and very windy night in the San Francisco North Bay, several wild fires have broken out, from 200 acres up to 20,000 acres.

Mandatory evacuations in Santa Rosa, the hardest hit area.

Stores, businesses, homes and mobile home parks burned. Two hospitals burned.

The Fountain Grove area of the city is at major risk. It is similar to the Oakland Hills area, with multi-million dollar homes in wooded areas. But large areas all over are impacted from at least 15 active fires burning.

UPDATE: 20,000 burned in Santa Rosa and up to 12,000 in Napa County in 9 hours.

UPDATE 1:33 pm pst – 14 active fires, 60,000 acres burned. No efforts made to stop fires yet. It is just about evacuating people and saving lives.

Winds are predicted to subside later today.

On a personal note, I have friends who have lost homes, four at the moment, each in different cities.



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