BREAKING: Federal District Court Judge Accepts President Trump Pardon of “Sheriff Joe” – Guilty Verdict Dismissed

A federal district judge in Phoenix has accepted President Donald Trump’s pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Wednesday, confirming that the controversial tough-on-crime sheriff and early supporter of Trump’s presidential bid will walk free with no legal record after being found guilty of contempt in July for refusing to honor a 2011 court order.

At the request of lawyers representing both Arpaio and the Department of Justice, Judge Susan Bolton dismissed the guilty verdict against Arpaio with prejudice, meaning it cannot face another legal challenge.

U.S. Constitution reaffirmed. A fresh supply of liberal tears and outrage expected soon.

“Robert Mueller, please pick up the white “Get A Fucking Clue about Presidential Pardons” phone … Robert Mueller.”

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