BREAKING: ‘Conservative’ Washington Free Beacon Was Original Funder For Anti-Trump Propaganda, Before Democrats Took Over

Trump-Russia Mueller investigation started because of the Washington Free Beacon

The Washington Free Beacon was originally behind the research that eventually led to the creation of the Trump Dossier and other research into Donald Trump. The anti-Trumpers were the original founding members of the Democrat led initiative to dig up dirt and/or manufacture evidence against Trump that would ultimately lead to the Democrats and the media stating that he had connections with Russia.

The Washington Free Beacon funded and worked with a company that had its people pleading the fifth before Congress not too long ago.

Now at some point they bailed on the mission and the Democrats and their media outlets took over from then on to continue the farce. Even worse though, their lawyers state that they weren’t just looking to fund dirt digging on Trump, but on multiple republican candidates.

Lawyers for the conservative publication Washington Free Beacon informed the House Intelligence Committee Friday that the organization was the original funder for the anti-Trump opposition research project with Fusion GPS.

The Free Beacon funded the project from the fall of 2015 through the spring of 2016, whereupon it withdrew funding and the project was picked up by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The original arrangement between the Free Beacon and Fusion GPS involved opposition research into multiple Republican candidates, not just front-runner Donald Trump.

The Trump Dossier has become a focal point in the Trump-Russia media driven controversy as it appears to be the sole reason for the investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller into Donald Trump’s ‘connections’ with Russia.

It has been speculated that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats hired Fusion GPS to continue their work in the Trump-Russia dossier investigation. Now, the Washington Examiner states that this may have in fact happened.

This isn’t the first time that ‘conservative’ speakers and outlets have been caught giving aid and comfort to the Democrats, for example Newsmax’s CEO donating to the Clinton Foundation and pushing for amnesty and Ben Shapiro leaving Breitbart over Michelle Fields’ fake claims of assault and battery by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Now the ‘conservative’ Washington Free Beacon is in “cover their butts” mode and have stated that no, when they funded opposition research against republicans, they weren’t funding the Trump-Russia narrative:

Sources close to the Free Beacon stress that the project, when the Free Beacon funded it, had nothing to do with Russia and did not involve Christopher Steele, the former British spy who gathered anti-Trump dirt in Russia. Steele was retained by Fusion GPS when the project was funded by Democrats, and not in its initial phase, when the Free Beacon was involved.

The Washington Free Beacon has anonymous ownership and is funded by major anti-Trump billionaires. Another notable piece of information, William “Bill” Kristol used to chair the organization that ran the outlet. Bill Kristol is an extreme anti-Trump personality, to the point that he has called openly for overthrowing the government and reversing the 2016 election, where he wanted to throw the results to the Democrats as preferable over having Donald Trump elected President.

He recently tweeted that he wanted the Democrats to impeach President Trump, “after they take the House in 2018″…

Bill Kristol on Twitter

When Democrats win the House in 2018 running against Trump, they’ll enjoy throwing this one back at him. Before they move to impeach him.

Another notable mention is that the editor of the Washington Free Beacon is Matthew Continetti, who is married to Bill Kristol’s daughter.

It has never revealed its ownership.

Conservative billionaire Paul Singer, a major funder of the Free Beacon, strongly opposed Trump at the time of the opposition research project.

The Center for American Freedom’s original board of directors included William Kristol, the former editor of the Weekly Standard, a sister publication of the Washington Examiner and where both Goldfarb and Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti worked.



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